Monday, March 16, 2009

Work in progress

I am so excited! I have been crafting, cleaning out everything from my fridge and cupboards and decorating my craft room. I am getting closer to the Grand Opening of my Etsy store and as soon as it's live, I will post the information here.

My diet is going fine. I had a couple small mishaps (mostly just hidden sugars) that I will try to be more careful with. Haven't weighed myself yet so it's hard to tell how much I have lost. My energy is great, I don't feel as bloated and I am not driven by my hunger anymore. I am struggling with meal plans, variety and drinking enough water.

I promise to post more this week...the last couple of days I have been so busy multi-tasking that it's been hard to juggle everything. I hope to be back in the ring this week :)

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