Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Low-Carb Pre-jitters

Grrrr..I hate diets. Even the thought of depriving myself of grilled cheese sandwiches and cookies is making me cringe right now. I feel a part of me dying lol! So I am a little late jumping on my low-carb bandwagon. I had hoped to start on Sunday and it didn't happen. At any rate, NOW is the perfect time.

Here are my plans for tomorrow besides shooting myself:

drinking only water..with a straw..a purple one
breakfast ~eggs, bacon and ham
lunch ~ leftover taco meat with cheese and olives..i can see this not going well..by this point i will be starving..might have to make a chicken breast and eat that too
afternoon snack ~ cheese cubes
dinner..if i make it that far will be bratwurst with peppers and onions
dessert..yes damnit i said dessert..... will be......will be...awwww man no dessert

Now don't be afeared, I am not a stranger to the meat, eggs and cheese world. In 2002, which turned out to be a great year, I managed (lord knows how) to lose 65lbs on Atkins!!! Yes, it's true..together my friend and I lost a whole person. Doing something like a diet plan with a friend does make it easier and I also didn't have a boyfriend and a 4 year old to feed either. We lived eating out at restaurants mostly....oh and on straight up vodka. The first two or three weeks are the hardest but it it is amazing that after that point, your cravings literally are gone. This is why I continue to come back to the atkins diet and know that this is the best way for me to lose weight. I just don't have any self-discipline anymore. It's hard making 2 meals, one for you and one for your family...and I am lazy. Sure, I know people do it all the time...there are far worse things in the world than not eating mint chocolate chip cookies and making rainbow cakes....or so they tell me. So alas..I am starting my low carb diet and....

this is attempt 132.

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