Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Attack of the Hello Kitty Toaster and Dumpster Diving in the rain

I don't have any pics of the bitch...but my Hello Kitty toaster attacked me this morning. Sliced my left index finger right open. I hid her in the cupboard and I am so mad that I am not letting her out for weeks. It's a good thing she doesn't have a mouth.....otherwise the neighbors would start to wonder. Luckily, I had some Littlest Pet Shop band-aids on hand or I wouldn't be typing this.

I had the pleasure of going Dumpster Diving with my friend Weird Chic last night. It was drizzling and had rained most of the day so we were skeptical but eager. After several hours of hitting some local stores, we returned with 3 giant bags full of Granola bars, a picture frame, a children's lamp shade, a kids sticker book, some lace fabric, and one unmarked canned good. I have asked Weird Chic to host a contest to see who can guess what is in the mystery can so please hop on over to her blog and post your guess. My guess is creamed corn and hers is chunked pineapple. Of course, we both laughed when we thought of the worst...canned dog food. Speaking of dogs, we also scored a couple bags of dog chews. I will be passing these on since I don't have any animals. Overall, it was a pretty interesting experience..a little scary but we pulled it off. Weird Chic has no fears....this girl has guts! She was the first and only one to jump inside the dumpsters and she wasn't squeamish about taking things home. I give mad props to her for running the show. I am sure she is going to post about what a wuss Kylie Ate Cake is but oh

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