Friday, March 27, 2009

Bread can kiss my ass

So I am reading the TRUTH about bread and I am pissed off! This American staple is killing's killing's insane and all along the government wants us to believe that our bodies need bread? It's baked into sinister delights such as cinnamon bread, slathered with cream cheese in the form of bagels, served up next to eggs as a morning must have and it's served as a hard piece of crap that's gonna break my teeth with my Panera Soup...shit the place is called Panera BREAD! AHHHHH! Bread is addictive. There is no doubt about it. I am wading my way this this awesome book my raw foodie sister sent me called 12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko. Being a low carbie..I already knew bread is down right crappy for your body. What I didn't know, surprised me.........

Scientific research shows beyond a doubt that wheat contains addictive substances.

There are opiates in wheat that equal 1nM (nanomole) of morphine. While 1nM is really just a trace, it's still pretty significant to the central nervous system. The amt is also from a trace of wheat so those opiates add up especially when you are eating loads of wheat products. These opiates give us a feeling of pleasure and well-being. When it's said that we eat to numb the pain, this wasn't far from the truth.

Wheat is also dependency-forming and the opioid peptides from wheat notably influence our hormonal functions.

Of course we all know that bread is defunct of any nutrional value...this is old-school business. What we now need to realize is that we are literally sedating ourselves with food and causing an addiction....a neverending cycle which turns into spending, eating, medical issues, spending, eating, medical issues. We are raised on bread, we are thrown bread baskets left and right and an American favorite is a sandwich with bread. Grrr...makes me mad.

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sweetsue said...

We have been trying to give up food made with flour to lower our carbs. It's tough, because bread is so good!