Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thrifting finds

A few small thrifting finds ~

I snagged Kylie some good deals today on clothing. I also found a copy of Dr. Wayne Dyer's book for children. You can check out the book here. I am so excited about this!!! It's a Scholastic book about teaching children to follow their own path, release anger and worries and to not be afraid of change. It rhymes too which is a plus..anything that rhymes rocks my world! I read this last night and am madly in love with it. It's one of those rare children's books that's really worth the cover price..and then gifting it with a personal signed note inside. I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer's and I got to show Kylie that I am reading one of his big people books. Finding this book in a sea of shelves upon shelves of books..shows me I am on the right path. I love synchronicity :)

I also found this uber cute stuffed slice of cake....lub lub lub. Going in my room!

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