Friday, February 27, 2009

Things I miss besides you

Things I miss ~
Candles made from worn-down crayons
standing in the doorway while my mom put my hair in a pony-tail before school
digging water tunnels in the backyard with mom's good spoons, yes my barbies played in these. it was the beach (come on!)
lying on my tummy next to my sister listening to daddy's old Sears record player ~ it always hummed Lionel Richie.
Ants on a log
watching laverne and shirley when i was home sick from school and eating liptons noodle soup
sleeping with my door closed
not being afraid of falling down or getting dirty
my rainbow curtains

Date with Crockie!

I have been rocking out in my kitchen the past couple of days and just wanted to share a few things with you~
First of all, I had to do a total overhaul on my microwave. This is the second one I have had since coming to MD. The first one which was great had a slight accident (*ahem*) ~ I used the timer on it for cooking, which I did often, and instead of using the timer, it actually went to COOK and I walked away. About 15-20 mins later when I came back, the inside was fried and it had killed itself. Luckily, there was nothing inside or there would have been a fire for sure!

So anyway, the microwave looked like a murder scene. One too many bowls of Kylie's Chef Boyrdees have seen the inside of it and we are too lazy most of the time to clean it on a regular basis. Point being ~ the stuff was stuck on and clinging for dear life. SOOOOO I took a bowl of water and white vinegar and microwaved to boiling point. When I opened it up, the steam had gotten to the whole thing and all I did was take a damp cloth, wiped it all down and let me tell you ~ that shit came off like buttah!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO. So you can try that at home if your microwave is covered with crime scene tape too :)

I also want to rave and rave and thank god and thank my parents and thank all my sponsers for CROCK POTS!
I have died and gone to crock-pot heaven. Yeah ok so who in their right mind leaves home, moves to their first apartment with their buddies and thinks "gee I better go out and get a crock pot" um NO ONE that's right nobody at least not me. Maybe that's because my mom cooked everything in her oven and I saw a crock-pot once a month when she did "Cowboy Meat." Long story.

My crock pot is the ground my kitchen walks on, it glimmers and shines right next to my George Foreman bad ass family grill. I have no counter space but who cares ~ I have revolutionized cooking! When I come home, my crock pot is waiting for me. I open my door and the smell of simmering sweet goodness fills the room. My I think who has come to my house and cooked me dinner?? I did. Crockie did. We DID it together in a matter of about 5 mins or less on my end.
Roasts, barbecue beans, chicken (whole chickens might I add), desserts, soups, stews, oh god the list could go on and's miraculous and what i love the most is that i take my food right from whatever state is may be in (frozen or not) and toss it in ~ it cooks on its own for 6-10 hours producing the best meal ever that all I have to do is serve for my family. Crock-pot ~ I love you. I have always loved since I first laid eyes on you. I don't have to pick up your dirty socks or clean your smelly lunch box. I don't have to shout out stains on your work shirts or wake up to your bad breath. heck, you don't even take the remote from me. and since they came out with new crock-pot liners for you ~ u are easier than ever to use. you have a setting for high and low. i can turn you off when i want to. you stand proud on my counter and sturdy ~ a rock to attach myself to when times are hard. fuck the coffee maker, we were never a serious thing anyway. you crockie ~ you are the one for me.


Update on Treasure Trooper

Haven't been too active lately but logged on tonight. Was just reviewing the money I have made in the past Treasure Trooper and want you guys to get in on the action too. I wouldn't post something that was a scam or a waste of time. Here is the original post from my old blog in case you missed it~

Made $60 in 30 minutes and you can too!!!


This is for real. I have been reading about it on my work from home message boards ( and as well as The site has been up for awhile and already has over 30,000 members. All you need to do at first is sign up, which is free. You fulfill offers such as a taking a survey or doing a free trial and you earn money into your account which will be deposited directly to you Paypal acct or sent by check. I have been at it off and on for over a week ( a few mins here and there) and already have $60 in my account!!! Girls I know are making $600 a month from this alone!!

UPDATE! I made $685 on TT last year doing it for a few minutes every couple of think of what would happen if you did it weekly???

Here is the link to get started: Treasure Trooper

Sign up and then look at your cash offers. You can either start with the ones that wouldn't require a credit card. REMEMBER~ sign up for the trials and then cancel. It's super easy!!!!

Use a junk email account such as gmail which is free and you can use a fake # as you will get spam and you will get calls if you aren't careful.

Also, if you ever get any free visa gift cards or debit cards, you can use those in the credit card offers ~ just a little sneaky trick!

Let me know if you have any questions~


Goal for getting craftier next week and spunkier

I have a giant goal set up for next week....getting funky with crafting! I just redid my "creative" room and found tons of awesome crafting stuff I never use! I am hoping to unveil some uber cool craft ideas next week...and I know, I know, I know..I need to get my camera on board with me.

I also would lub lub lub to review a product for someone so if you have anything you would love to share please send me an email at I would love to do a review and a giveaway to get you some publicity. Hmm...that sounds like a good idea for a contest. Will have to work on that one but at any rate...shoot me an email if there is anything you would like to promote.

Book sales + bags= loads of books for Kylie and I

Kylie and I are going to a couple of book sales tomorrow! I am so excited to be feeling better. We already have our bags set out and snacks/drinks packed. I am hoping to find:

For Kellso: books on meditation, any of the Conversations with God books, raw food

For Kylie: any little kids books she will enjoy..she asks a lot of questions so something more inspiring than Disney Princess (yuck!)

For Me: anything new age, cookbooks, and books on psychology

I will post back tomorrow night with pics of what we score. Book sales are one of my faves!

Intuitive Reading Giveaway!

Woo-hoo!~ it's time for my second giveaway! With the first LUSH contest coming to an end on March 1, I wanted to get back on the wagon with another giveaway for my lovely readers. And don't worry if a intuitive reading doesn't sound like your thing....I have heard lots of my customers tell me that my readings are like mini therapy sessions (but for far less money!).

This giveaway is for a 3 question reading by yours truly by email. A little background on me, I have been doing readings on Ebay for quite awhile with great success. I offer a unique intuitive soul reading that includes life coaching, spiritual advice and prophetic insights. I am a 4th generation empath and have been doing intutive writing since I was very young. I have been doing readings for over 9 years off and on and have many repeat customers. My readings are detailed and in-depth and can provide you with a new way to look at things. I hope that I can inspire you, motivate you and provide some insight into your future as well as shed light on where you have been. If you are interested in purchasing a reading, you can find the Paypal button on the side of my blog. At this time, I am offering 3 different readings including a 1 question, 3 question and a full soul reading. You can choose the drop-menu and the pricing will come up. My turnaround time is 2-3 business days at this time.

Here is what some of my customers have to say:

Very attentive, wonderful spirit! Will keep you posted!!Buyer: ladydrake4 (private)
Thank you for a wonderful readingBuyer: kazza_33 ( 218)
Reading was pretty accurate, Thanks! Buyer: smlady (private)
Another phenomenal reading and experience - Thanks so much! Buyer: cblakely31 ( 422)
greatest purchase ever made Her spirit is beautiful you won't be disappointed Buyer: childhood Very quick to respond! Reading has a lot of truths in it!! Amazing!Buyer: andrenaluciana ( 187) Thank you for not telling me what I wanted to hear but what I feel is True. Thank U Buyer: greenbotanical ( 209 )
I won't go to anyone else! Thank you for everything! :-)Buyer: mountaineergirlwvu ( 231)

To enter you must submit a comment with your favorite inspirational author. Please let me know why you like this person and what book you recommend reading. I am always looking for new books to look into so I would love to hear who your favorites are. This is a DAILY contest so you enter once every day with a different author.

You can also gain one extra entry each for doing any of the following:

1. Following me on blogger
2. Subscribing by email
3. Blogging about this giveaway with a link back to my blog
4. Email 3 friends about the giveaway and cc me (then come back and let me know you sent 'em)

Please make sure you come back and comment for each thing you have done. CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY MARCH 13 AT 11:59PM. Winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to claim prize. Reading will be performed by email with a 3-4 day turnaround. Good luck!

A few of my favorite things!

The Autobiography of Vivian
by Sherrie Krantz ~ This is the first book in the series and I have to be honest, I have not read the others. I will add that promptly to my list of things to do. I couldn't stop reading the first one and it's an awesome book for young women..lots of inspiration found in the character. Vivian is brave, successful and true to herself. If you haven't read this, pick up a copy at the library or Amazon has a ton used for sale. I would say this was of my favorite novels from the last 10 years.

I have always wanted a purple sofa...................

Sabrina Ward Harrison ~highly inspirational in helping me discover the joys of journaling, art and poetry. She is an amazing spirit! Her artwork, writing and books are a pleasure to dwell on. If I ever get more tattoos..I have always wanted a SWH girl face on me. I think my sister was the one to first find this book for me. She has since made several books and at her website you can check out her artwork for sale. Again, wld drool to actually own a real piece of it. I know one time she collaborated with a snow boarding company to design snow boards..I bet those are highly collectible.

and of course, IKEA!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Aldi Family Experience

Finally, I get to spill the beans on my first huge shopping trip to my local Aldi's. I am so excited to be able to review some items and compare shopping prices! I love a bargain and I love food......

I took some time a few months ago to research Aldi's and was totally engrossed in what I found. First of all, Aldi's is related to Trader Joe's (one of my faves)...secondly, they are store based on simplicity. No fancy ads and commericals, no music, no over the top displays, no staying open 24 hours....they cut back so they can help us cut back a few dollars. The stores close at 8pm and you have to put a 25 cent deposit into the grocery cart to use it. You also have to bag your own items ( or box them up). To get your quarter back, you have to return the cart yourself which saves Aldi's on replacing carts and paying someone to retrieve the ones that get abandoned in the parking lot. I mean...GENIUS! They are totally thinking ahead..I was uber impressed and I think you will be as well. I am attaching a link to my fave friend wiki who can give you the secrets of Aldi's success. Not to mention, some of my fave things are german like....brats, The song “99 Luftballons” by Nena. Forget the English version, the original rules, and Beethoven.

So I knew it was meant to be a match made in heaven when I get there and suddenly realize..I don't have a quarter! Lo and behold, there is one on the ground next to my car! Cha~Ching! INSPIRATION! I slowly figured out the cart deal which is totally rad once you don't look like a retard figuring out the cart chain blueprint. I immediately found things I needed ~ olive oil, artichoke hearts, ketchup, canned olives...everything I needed was right there. Sure, it didn't have my favorite brands or any flashy labels but the prices were right. I paid:

$1.29 for a giant bag of sharp shredded cheese
2.49 for quality brand hard salami cubes
5.49 for a cup of real crab meat
7.72 for 2 super nice looking ny strip steaks
5.99 for a family sized giant bag of frozen beef crumbles
1/2 gallon of milk was 1.59
bread was 79 cents
and a 12 pack of mt frost (knock off of mountain dew) was $2.29.

All in all, my cart was piled high with 51 total items and my grand total was $105.05. Now please take note of several things ~ I had real vegetables, lots of meats, lots of dairy and some unique more costly items (crab meat, artichokes, etc), this is for a family of 3 for 2 weeks including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks, and I had a lot of "staple" items that needed replaced due to moving. I still feel that a cart full of the stuff I had at a regular store would have cost me easily $140-$180. Especially Giant Eagle or Weis. Now for the fun part....some recommendations on what we have liked so far~ EVERYTHING!

My SO claims that Aldi's Mt Frost brand of soda is even better than the real Mt. Dew! And cheaper too! The butter, sour cream, olive oil, garlic and other condiments taste just like the usual. The vegetables were fresh and clean....mushrooms were awesome. The 2 NY strips were fresh and pink..tasted great (had them for dinner tonight), the salami cubes are banging, and the tortilla chips (99cents) taste just like Tostitos. We also grabbed 2bags of boneless in mild and one in barbecue. My SO said he thought they tasted just like boneless wings from KFC..which I guess is a good thing. Each bag has plenty of servings and would be awesome for a party appetizer...the bag was $7.49 which to us is way cheaper than going to KFC! The Granger crumbled beef was also fantastic and I have enough for a family pot of chili and a taco night!

I also broke down some of the meals we had recently....for anyone who hasn't been convinced yet maybe this will help!

Homemade chili with sweet corn muffins ~ 7 servings @ $1.08 each
NY Strip steaks and sauteed mushrooms with broccoli and baked potato sides ~ 3 servings at $4.00 each
Elegant Crab dip and chips ~ 8 servings at 96 cents each..perfect for a party ~ we still have tons leftover!
Bag of boneless wings ~ 4 large servings (meal sized servings) at $1.87 each
Spaghetti with spinach and cheese sauce and garlic bread ~5 servings at 65 cents each

We calculate our servings as in it feeds the 3 of us plus we get x amt of leftover servings out of it. Usually we take leftover for the lunch the next day.

Very impressed with Aldi's ~ will be going back again!

No more magazines???

Ugh...another fantastic magazine going out of print! CRAFT:!!!!!!! See the gory details here :(

Here is another link to more magazines that are ceasing to be! So sad....I for one love the feel of a magazine in my hands....what is the world coming to???

Freecycle Inspiration! ~and my personal opinions on clutter

I am constantly looking for new ways to be inspired and to achieve what I consider tiny fragments of higher purpose. I am sure most of you are well aware of ~what is is, what it does and how it works. I have been freecyling for about 2 years now and have built myself a little empire of inspirational moments. Let me explain why I personally freecycle and please remember that these are my feelings and opinions and they do not have to be yours.

I freecycle to share the wealth with others, I freecycle to give back to my community, I freecycle to clean out my drawers and closets, I freecycle to make connections with other spirits, I freecycle to see a smile on someone's face when they are matched with inspiration, I do it for the karma, I do it for the release and exchange of energy and most of all, I do it for the planet and the kindred people that exist here. I have received tons of wonderful clothes for my daughter, toys, books, food, clothing, movies, cds, etc. I am always careful to throw back out what I don't want or a chain, a continual cycle. I am also careful to give and take, not just request request request. I also see it as a wonderful way to purge and clear space. We can not allow new energies into our homes and lives without having a gateway for them to arrive. Clutter is creates a low energy level in our homes that seeps into our skins. It makes us feel yucky, look yucky and it doesn't allow our home to be the welcoming haven that it should be. Where else besides work do we spend all of our time? And yes, it's mans trash, is another's treasure.

I also feel that by giving things away..whether they are name brand labels, expensive items, or family hand-me downs..we can release these items knowing that in faith, more of these in like kind will be brought back when needed. Example, today I freecycled a wonderful very expensive toy my daughter enjoyed having. We lost a piece to it and couldn't find a replacement. A very kind lady was ecsatic to have it for her grandchildren and said she would figure out a way to fix it. I had no interest in fixing it and I knew we already had too many toys. I know that when it's time, another toy will fall in place. It's a a system of putting out and pulling in. I might not need something now so why waste the space for it because I know in my heart that the next time I need one, it will magically appear. Why not be that magic for someone else?

If you are a member of Freecycle, I urge you to start purging this weekend! If you haven't used it in a year, it's not your favorite thing in the world or it's broken...please pass it on. You never know what someone else might want. Just because you can't fix it, doesn't mean someone else can't. I believe that in spite of people that allow their EGO's to get in the way (i.e. thefts, greediness, fights, lies) that the vast majority of Freecyclers are are out to help each other and save money. Some are in it for the planet, others may share may same feelings about it. Why not help someone else and find inspiration in your own life? If you are new to Freecycle, please visit and read the information and sign up.

Weekly Thought

We can measure our development by how much we are able to let go in times of stress and confusion. The only thing that matters in these times is what you are learning about yourself.

So sorry for slacking!

A huge whopping sorry goes out to everyone as I have been neglecting my blog, emails, etc. I have been sick and haven't been able to keep up let alone get out of bed almost all of last week. I am starting to feel better (finally!!) and hope to have some new fresh and fun posts up this weekend.

I am also going to be doing my second bloggy giveaway! One winner will receive a 3 question spiritual reading so stay tuned for more details...........

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has entered the LUSH giveaway and submitted some really good ideas thus far. Remember, the deadline to enter is 11:59pm March 1 so get your butt on over to the link and get in on the action! If you don't win this time, don't worry..for all you LUSH loverlies, I have another spectacular LUSH giveaway in the works. Hang tight ~ I will let you in on it when it's ready to land!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily thought

I forgive myself, and then I move on.
You can sit there forever, lamenting about how bad you’ve been, feeling guilty until you die, and not one tiny slice of that guilt will do anything to change anything in the past.

A few thoughts on anger

A few thoughts on anger in relationships..........

Anger is an emotion that is always masking something else...usually fear. In relationships, when we spend so much time with someone and we know what their buttons are, it's easy to use them as "punching" bags for our frustrations. We take what we call anger and we throw it at each other....inducing an instant gratification which causes a feeling of intense satisfaction to ensue. It also gives us a sadistic sense of joy to watch someone else experience what we think we are experiencing see someone crumble and fall. This kind of deflecting behavior is not right however it is human...we all have done this at one point in time, some more than others. It's important to acknowledge that this behavior is not acceptable however find a way to "accept" it in your heart that the other person is hurting. It's unfortunate but he/she does not know a better way of self-expression than through a lashing of the tongue and throwing of fire balls, metaphorically speaking. When someone you love comes at you like yourself through these steps mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

1. Acknowledge that this isn't really about's about them.

2. Understand that this person is hurting right now in some way or might be that they were treated unfairly, no one acknowledged them, someone else made them feel small, their ego has been bruised, etc. They are now wanting to flex their powers within to take revenge in order to make themselves feel better. They have chosen you for numerous reasons, one of which is that they love you and believe you will forgive them and the other (sadly) is that you are an easy target because they know from past experience that their tantrum will take effect on you, just as they hoped. It will produce an instant cause and effect for their ego-pleasing satisfaction.
Kinda like eating that cookie you have so dreamed of tasting....even though you beat yourself about your diet. You struggle and struggle, you call yourself names inside, you believe you are weak...then you break down and eat it..not even savoring the taste but rather guiltily shoveling it in....then afterwards the regret falls into place...more beating up...guilt,'s an endless cycle which is why at some point one needs to learn effective ways of healthy self-expression.

3. Build a mental shield or bubble around yourself and allow the other person's comments to roll right off..imagine them being diffused before they even reach you.

4. Listen and acknowledge the other person's feelings without succumbing to admittance or surrendering.

5. Ask them if they are finished and kindly say" I am sorry that you feel this way. I have listened to what you have said and I understand how you feel that way. I wish to have a chance to speak so you can hear my feelings as well. I love you and I want to know what is behind this. What happened today? Tell me about your day." You want to get inside and find out what they are trying to hide...sometimes this can take some teeth-pulling but even just a gentle explanation that you understand they are afraid of something will strike a chord with them. Are they afraid of losing their job, losing you, not measuring up, etc?

6. Ask probing questions in a gentle manner. If this doesn't work, let the other person cool down. " When you have had time to calm down, I would love to speak to you about your feelings." Then walk away. Don't look back, don't beg, don't barter...and say it calmly.

The point of this is to limit their behaviors from affecting yours and to genuinely help someone feel validated. My SO does this often.....bad day at work, boss yelling at him, loss of pay...he is quick to turn it around on me the second he gets home. I know we are not the only couple out there that has issues like this..especially in today's economy.

Fear is a horrible horrible illness that can rob you and others of happiness. Don't take your emotions out on someone else to make yourself feel better. Journal it, dance around to loud music, do some soul-searching and ask yourself the questions listed above or talk to someone who isn't your normal "punching bag"..perhaps a co-worker or someone in the mental health field..even blogging or posting to a forum can help. And most importantly....WAIT before taking action. If we all just took time to digest our feelings and understand them, we wouldn't have outbursts and outrages. "Think before we act" is so trite but oh so very true. 80% off code

80% off today using DINE Don't know when this expires.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

A must see video for everyone; especially right now. Beware~ you might need tissues.


I love random quotes like this!

Oreo balls

Found this article in my local paper....I am dying to try these....have to get some goodies in before it's back to Atkins. Then I will be scouring for all the good low-carb recipes I can find. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know? Must be under 10 carbs per serving.

Oreo Balls

I am getting ready to start my low-carb diet again by March so yummy things like this always inspire and motivate me! These are one of my faves and they are so inexpensive to make. You can always just use the store brand cream cheese. These were ones from my Christmas celebration but I wanted to post them to just show you how simple they are. We do NOT...repeat DO NOT have any holiday gathering without cream-cheese filled celery sticks. I am always amazed at how many people have never seen these or eaten these before. When my SO and I started dating, I would take these to his family's house and they were like "hmmmm what is this?" It's one of those things that just makes my jaw drop. Once you taste them~ you are sold on them....hell even if you just lick the cream cheese out and toss the celery sticks..who gives a damn~ just dont' send them flowers in the morning and they will get the point!
If you are making a lot, I suggest pre-mixing the cream cheese. You want the cream cheese to be kinda soft so set it out for a bit before starting. You also want your celery stalks to be clean and dry so start on those first...clean them and set them out to dry for a tad or else your cream cheese will slide right out. As for cutting them, you can make them long or shorter (for smaller hands). Then you want to combine the cream cheese with celery salt and garlic powder and mash it all up really well. Just do it to taste. Then we stuff and we stuff some more....and of course, your's won't look as sloppy as mine but ya get the drift!
I personally have learned the hard way that these do not keep well in the fridge for too long. However this has been a rare occassion that I have any leftover period...but just so ya know, I wouldn't keep them longer than a day or so and make sure they are tightly sealed. Otherwise, they get drippy and droopy and soggy and sad.

Grocery Goonies ~ NEW COUPONS TO PRINT

Here are some new coupons to print! Y'all know how I love me some coups! Most of my 3rd shift job entails lots of clipping and organizing. I have been slacking recently but hoping to get my game on in the next coming weeks. I have resorted to some good money saving tricks...first of all, I buy almost all of my paper goods (i.e. toliet paper, paper towels, paper plates) from Target. They seem to have good prices without sacrifing the quality...a little tip I picked up from my sister. They also give you coupons when you check out for the same kinds of products. I also do a lot of my shopping at Aldi which I will do a separate post on shortly. Everything else is only bought with coupons and it has to be on sale. are some new coupons you can print off.....

Harry and David are Happy and Delicious

Truffle balls are the only balls I can't wait to pop into my mouth! I got these on clearance at the Harry & David outlet. Put them into fancy wrappers and ta-da!~ easy to take anywhere and share with other ball lovers!

A Treasure in My Garden

Kylie and I watched this fantastic movie that we actually scored from the library. We always seem to find really interesting selections there above and beyond Disney and Pixar movies. This one was called A Treasure in My Garden. We both really enjoyed the cuteness of it and the music was very unique and catchy. She was glued to the tv and even ended up watching it several times. The movie is a series of 13 animated songs and poems by Gilles Vigneault ~ just amazing so I highly recommend it for all ages. Amazon even has the soundtrack for .70 cents!

You can purchase A Treasure In My Garden on or from The Secret Mountain.

Grandpa Jim's Nachos

This is the easiest entertaining recipe.......a family staple. My dad used to make this when I was younger and now for family get together's we always beg him to make his "special" nachos. Even though it seems so simple, it's the explosion of all the tastes in one bite that makes it Dad makes it...that's the cheesiest part! You can do anything you want with this....add spicy salsa, add chili, add hamburger meat...whatever floats your boat. I like just the regular but then again, I stick with what I know and love best!

All this is consists of :
tortilla chips slathered with heated queso cheese in the jar, diced tomatoes and green onions. I am getting hungry...go away sore throat..go away!
Awesome giveaways!

1. Check out She became a butterfly for an awesome giveaway! One reader will get a kick-ass necklace from HeartSizedCrush. I lub lub lub this chica's etsy shop!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LUSH giveaway!

Just like popping open a bottle of celebrate the long overdue first post of my bloggy....let's kick things off with a giveaway!

I am giving away 2 brand new LUSH products!!! One winner will receive one English Countryside bath bomb and a Pleasure Dough soap bar. Contest ends March 1, 2009 at 11:59pm.

To enter you must submit a comment with any suggestion or idea for what you would like to see on my blog..something that would interest you (i.e. articles on a topic, giveaways for a ___, etc). You must include your email address so I have a way to contact you!

To earn 4 extra entries you can:

1. subscribe via feed to my blog
2. subscribe via email to my blog
3. follow me
4. blog about this contest ( please leave link)

Please post each one as an additional separate comment. You can enter up to 5 times maximum for this contest. This is not a daily entry.

The winner will be choosen at random from all eligble entries and will have 3 days to claim their prize. I will be emailing the winner so please make sure you submit a correct email address that you can be reached at.

I have been packaging bits and pieces of my life into cardboard boxes in our attempt to move in one week. First it was working around our work schedules and daycare...then my little friend "Strep Throat" stepped in and took matters into his own hands. I have been off work all week with a nasty case of the little bugger. Other than laying in bed, I haven't been able to do much else let alone even think of moving boxes over to the new place. I took over about 4 car loads of small things over the weekend and then Monday sorted through the boxes and started unpacking. We have not moved the furniture over yet so there isn't much I can do as far as organizing and storing.
IKEA is calling my name! I have already picked out a new bed for kylie, a bookshelf, some storage solutions and a sofa set. I also need some area rugs. I am getting a new dining room set this weekend as well. So much to little time. We have moved so many times that we usually pass on our furniture and make room for new stuff. Each location has been different with different sized ceilings, rooms and different colors. It's a good thing that we have always travelled light. I do pride myself on being so portable. I also despise putting too many roots down....nothing is ever constant.
Alas, moving will have to be postponed.

Poppin' the cherry!

Beginnings are dorky and akward..which is why we tend to webble and wobble at first. I have been putting off this first post for a while now. I think seceretly I was waiting for some divine intervention, a light bulb to go off....a sudden remembrence of how I used to have a passion for writing. Instead I mulled around the ideas and hindrences of what the hell this blog was going to be about! As if! Who says I need a theme...a daily topic...a point! I suppose some days my life alone is pretty darn interesting.

To get the ball rolling, I figured I could start with what this blog is NOT; it's not a pity party, it's not a novel, it's not a cry for help, it's not a love song and it's not for sale.

What kind of blogs do I enjoy looking at: crafty, family dinners and recipe ideas, budget/money-saving, coupons, contests, most importantly...things that inspire and motivate me. I hope that I can find a way to express that to others.

Disclaimer: My sewing sucks, I sing off key, most of my dinners are burned and go in the trash, i set off lots of smoke detectors in my days, money burns a hole in my pocket and I hardly ever win anything.......

guess that leaves me with not too much to write about!