Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let us all think about this and take action

As we approach yard sale season, Easter and more...let us think on this!

Words can't even describe how this video makes me sums up everything I have come to know already in this lifetime. Its very inspirational and I hope by watching this, you can feel the urge to take action and change your belief system.

I credit my sister for finding this and sending it to me. We were in discussion yesterday about how horrible it is that our lives revolve around buying the next big thing, working 40+ hours a week and being in this horrible rat race.

I told her: I don't want to live a lie anymore! My purpose of coming here was not to sit at a desk in an office with 100's of other people, with leashes around our necks for my whole life. It's not me, it will never be me and I am going to be one pissed off person if I die after loaning my life to a corporation to mold me and bend me any way they choose. What happened to family, what happened to farming, what happened to the joys in life that weren't found in xboxes and synthetic drugs? I get soooo angry and saddened sometimes that it's hard to bear. Here are some truths I have learned:

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience
I am in this world but not of this world
Money and possessions are not the be all and end all of me
Simplicity is better
and most of all..there has to be a better way

The Story of Stuff

i will not stand immersed
in this ultra violent curse
i won't let you make a tool of me
i will keep my mind and body free
bye bye minutiae
of the day to day drama
i'm expanding exponentially,
i am consciousness without identity

i am many things
made of everything
but i will not be your bank roll
i won't idle in your drive-thru
i won't watch your electric sideshow
i got way better places to go

i will maintain the truth
i knew naturally as a child
i won't forfeit my creativity
to a world that's all laid out for me
i'll look at everything around me
and i will vow to bear in mind
that all of this was just someone's idea
it could just as well be mine

i won't rent you my time
i won't sell you my brain
i won't pray to a male god
cuz that would be insane

and i can't support the troops
cuz every last one of them's being duped
and i will not rest a wink
until the women have regrouped

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