Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My take on the movies...

Here are some movies I have watched recently through Netflix.....

The Orphanage ~ watched this last night, i am not into scary horror movies but this one was slightly more realistic to me. I love ghosts and spirits so it looked interesting. It was slow starting and the subtitles were kind of annoying but other than that, it was pretty good. The ending was surprising and a little creepy..especially with all the lights turned off.

21 ~ I liked the mathematics of it..i totally suck at math and people who don't are intriguing. overall, we liked it. if i knew how to count cards, i'd be in vegas right now. kate bosworth is not as uber hot in my opinion..she's very stick thin and there is something plain about her. kevin spacey is awesome which made this movie ten times better.

Penelope ~ I really liked this and thought it was cute. I was into it from the second it started. A fun romantic comedy..don't care for Christina Ricci but the leading guy is a hottie. Not really as moral of a story as I thought it would be but for a lazy afternoon, I had fun. The pig nose was really gross, I have to admit. Reese had a very strange role in this and I was confused on how she played such a back burner character.

I already watched all the seasons of Heroes and was very disappointed. Season 1 had me insanely hooked but I couldn't keep up with the episodes. I watched all of them on netflix in a matter of days to see what I missed. About midway through season 2, the show got really lame. Season 3 was even worse and I totally lost interest. I hate to say it but I won't be watching more of it. My sister is begging me to watch Lost so I will be getting that shortly.

Right now I am digging all my CSI episodes..I have been watching Season 8 and Season 9, not really in any particular order.

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