Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hertz Rent a Car for the Weekend FREE promo ~ Ends March 31

Hertz Promo

If you have any trouble, call customer service and let them know you are interested in using the promo. Apparently people are getting upgrades for calling....I am going to call and see if I can get an SUV or Truck for the promo. Would be a cheap way to rent a truck for the weekend to buy furniture with. Only problem is that the nearest Hertz location to me is about 25 minutes away so be sure to check your nearest locations first.


justwondering1997@Yahoo said...

I'm interested to know if this worked???

kylie8cake said...

Didn't try it...the Frederick hertz was booked and I think it only applies on cars not trucks. I have heard other people in forums say that they had trouble doing this online but it worked by calling customer service (with even more perks). If you have a trip coming up and needed a rental anyway, it's worth a shot.