Thursday, March 5, 2009

Results of Day 1

Ok so I did find every loophole in the book...every stinkin' one!

I started out on a good foot...atkins ready-made shakes I had sitting the back of my fridge. Bought them at Walmart weeks ago with good intentions. I personally think the shakes that you make and shake on your own taste better, especially with ice but this was the wimpy route and I took it. So I drank my chalky chocolate-milk wannabe early in the morning and washed it down with a bottle of water.

11am..starting to get hungry and aggitated. Mostly because the box of donuts were staring me in the face~ all my convience foods were laughing at me. Everything that makes sense and saves time, all the sugar and carbs.....couldn't have any of it. That's when I broke down and made the meal of chicken, which was good but very filling.

However over the course of the rest of the day, I had:
several globs of peanut butter (hey it's lower in carbs0
cream cheese..yup just straight up
cheese cubes
a piece of low carb cheese cake minus the crust

and for dinner I had bratwurst. I should not have had all the yucky stuff in between but I still must have been close to low carb cuz even at midnight last night, I had a pounding headache. That's always my first sign of too little carbs. Maybe I didn't do too bad after all.....

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