Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reincarnation through the Zodiac

I had an in-depth conversation this past weekend with a friend about past life astrology..thus prompting this post. If you believe in reincarnation with astrology this will shed a little light on how I feel we move through each of the phases of the zodiac and the lessons we are meant to learn. I believe strongly in past lives and the zodiac phases intertwining with it is just the icing on the cake. Again these are just my personal beliefs..what happens at the end of the zodiac can be interpreted anyway you like. I like to think that we move on to missions on the Other Side but again...very open to interpretation. We come here with lessons to be learned....a very general idea shared with many different religions and beliefs. Considering how much astrology shapes us...each sign gives our souls a different map and overall plan with its own lessons. Perhaps we do not learn these lessons as a first time in a sign..thus prompting us to continue rebirth in the same sign UNTIL those lessons are learned and fully explored. I also think that your rising sign, moon sign and the other planets are continuations of lessons previously learned or a small dab of what's to come..thus leading us to fully conquer the positive and negative of each sign before returning home.

ARIES- Ahh the baby of the zodiac. Welcome to the WORLD! Just like a newborn baby..Aries can be demanding, whiny, impatient, and absorb a lot of energy from others. Aries wants to be the center of attention in a commanding way and has about as much patience as a little kid in line for the ice cream truck. They also come into this world with that optimistic and naive present infant glee. They are quick to take on many things with an adventurous carefree attitude and just jump right in...of course with the lack of providence. I like to also think of Aries as rebellious..perhaps rebelling against its own birth therefore creating that driving force that pushes Aries into the world like dynamite. Firecrackers...yes very much so. They can be the life of the party, full of humor, hard workers, and party people till the day they die. They have a ferocious appetite for life so I think one of the lessons of Aries is to battle that rebellious child attitude and the intensity they take on in life. They need to strive to move past their childish behaviors and learn that patience brings great things. WAIT is a word Aries is unfamiliar with...wait to make decisions, wait before making a move, be patient with yourself and others. The world doesn't owe you anything and you can't be mad at the world for creating you. Aries school lesson is to be content with birth, explore with childlike wonder but move quickly from baby onward. The positive of Aries is amazing and when that energy is controlled...Aries can be one of the most successful people of the zodiac. Aries is easily overwhelmed by the world they have entered which is why most of them run around with their heads cut off...busy busy and very indecisive.

TAURUS- No one is as committed to family as Taurus is and I think this comes after Aries has accepted their birth, connected to the World and is ready to move past their SELVES to explore the things around them. Taurus is a physical sign that is ready to taste, touch, feel, roll in, stare at, and fondle just about everything. No longer are they being breastfed, held in their mothers arms, or looking at the world with newborn eyes...they are ready to explore it with their senses..just as a toddler or young child plays with pots and pans on end and likes to be very tactile. They want to make their place in the world by creating a family, a home, and be an integrative part of all of it. Even though these sound like adult level things..Taurus still operates from a small child perspective. The small child digests these things, has temper tantrums, doesn't understand the emotional or spiritual part of life..and still wants their grilled cheese sandwiches with cookies and milk and cupcakes and lollipops. Taurus loves the finer things in life or so I have read...I think what they enjoy is coming into a material world. Now the child sees TOYS and understands that with a begging manner and perhaps a flutter of the eyelashes..they can have these things and BOY do they want them. Taurus is quick to fly off the handle and is very stubborn, arrogant, and they plant their feet in the ground like a child who taunts, "You can't make me!" Taurus, when focused on accomplishing their mission, are hard workers, solid people to have around, and devoted fathers/mothers. But I think for most of their life they are focused on the material...what can they HAVE and what can they ACCUMULATE. The Taurus lesson is to revel in the material world but learn that possessions are not as important as they think they are...this includes possessing people as well, which Taurus has a quirk of doing. Let Taurus have its play things but in the end, he will have to learn that there is more to life than the cycle of work, buy, work, buy, work, buy.

GEMINI~ Oh boy Gemini.....the pre-teen/teenager of the zodiac in my mind...equating to about 10-15 yrs old. They like shiny new magazine quality things (especially men) and they are wonderful monkey see-monkey do's..pretending to not be guided by others but its the respect of the pack that they crave. Gemini has some run offs of possession issues but for the most part they are evolving into creative individuals who are learning to connect with others, use their minds independently, conquer peer pressure, and handle with ease their new found change into adolescence (opposite sex, porn, etc). They are witty,talkative (lots of questions), they enjoy learning, and they can also be rebellious like an Aries but in more covert ways. Gemini's lesson is to learn that there is more to a pretty face. Gemini's have a rough path..especially since they have to deal with their evil twin...the one who wants to be Aries, Taurus, and Gemini all balled into one. Some Gemini's master their twin early on...beating it senseless and holding it hostage. However if they don't, it can rear its ugly head later on in life...causing an already flighty Gemini to try.. really try... to relive their teen years all over again. In my study of astrology over the last 15 years, I have learned that Gemini men are no good...at least not for me. Again, teenager of the zodiac..what do you think of with teenagers? Tactless relationships, drinking, cheating, stealing, rebellion, impulsiveness, recklessness, lack of common sense at times. They are ready to explore life on their own but not entirely. I know all you reformed Gemini's are ready to strike up a serious conversation about my discriminatory marks but if you think about it seriously, you will see the patterns. Gemini needs to learn that life can't always be fun, relationships are more than mental stimulation (void of emotion), and that teenagers all need to start acting like adults at some point in their lives. Gemini needs to explore the ability to learn, to think for themselves and put what they absorb into practice. If they can do this...they will be ready to move onto the next level.

CANCER~ When I think of Cancer, I think of a teenage girl in her pink room in the 60's making hearts on a notepad...wishing Johnny Lee loved her back..I have no idea why. The Cancer soul has been born as an Aries, began to touch the physical world as a Taurus, explored coming of age in Gemini, and is now ready to enter an emotional aspect of everything else they have learned. They are here to experience their first love, first kiss, first date, and be sentimental dreamers who never let go. By this point, they have learned certain mechanisms making them a crab...they are "FEELING" now and when the the world overwhelms them..which is often...they retire to an imaginary "pink room" full of all their blankies, family photos, memorabilia, and trophies. Although they are capable of feeling true love now...much of this love is family centered. It's that infamous gulp of graduating high school and moving out to go to college...the "why can't i be a kid all over again" struggle. Cancers reconnect very well with all stages of the zodiac they have already progressed through...often times looking back spiritually with fond memories. They are deeply connected to possessions (but out of a connection of the past), they are extremely emotional, and they struggle to find a place in the world...or a new shell to crawl into. I believe there are more emotionally confused Cancers out there than any other sign...it's just TOO much for them BUT as a lesson for Cancer, they most explore all depths of the emotional swimming pool even if the water is way too deep. Cancer's lesson in essence is to not let emotions rule their lives. They also must learn that to move forward, they have to let the past go. Material obsession should be conquered before moving to Leo.

LEO - After mastering birth, material, mental, and emotional, the zodiac goes through a know-it-all phase. Leo is proud, confident, bold and damn right pushy about it all. Leo now feels that they can control everything around as if a wand has been handed to them and they just finished Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I like to go easy on Leo and think that they are just trying to help the lower classes move along faster by putting on a dramatic play and reenactment of previous zodiac lessons...so let's think of them as middle masters of the zodiac who are taking a break...sorta like the now more common break between high school and college. the struggling new adult who insists they don't need help. During the phase however things from previous lives gets regurgitated and Leo is quick to fall prey to a pretty face, fear of emotions and dependency (having been through the hell of cancer-"once bitten, twice shy" syndrome) and so they reside in the EGO and oh what an inflation it is. Living with only SELF in fear of what else the world may hold..Leos become very self-centered, egotistical..acting mostly out of fear..which of course, they would never want you to know about. Leo's lesson is to not be afraid anymore...which reminds me of the Cowardly Lion..how appropriate. Leos have to get back on the saddle, graduate from high school bullshit, pull their head out of their own asses and merge the animal primal instinct with remaining a human.

VIRGO - Leo bks come back ready to face the world but they become shy, timid, tender footed, and calculated. Virgo gets all its ducks in a row and decides how best to start moving forward even if that means sacrificing the material, the mental, the emotional and the control. Now Virgo wants to control smaller spaces....giving up the need to be the center of attention..Virgo wants it their way or no way at all. Sounds like a Leo you say? Virgo gets down to details, explores the meaning of life at a surface level, and decides to evolve in a manner that is almost too hardcore for most. This is the first level of the zodiac in my opinion where we start seeing the blending of what we have learned. The five main ingredients to the souls experience is material, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We have already gone through 3 of those and here in Virgo we start the beginning works of blending towards culmination. We also see the start of exploration in solitude. Many Virgos are content with themselves. This is an important part of adulthood...the ability to love thyself and to be alone and happy within your own space and soul. Virgo has accepted that we are just souls in physical bodies and now they realize they must to do some general housekeeping. I don't want to act like there are no lessons for holy little Virgo but you gotta at least be proud of how far they have come :) Virgo's lesson is to not take life too seriously now and prepare to start learning to really relate with people. Virgo can be so involved with their own progress that relationships yet again fall to the side. I think for a lot of Virgos..it's at the bottom of their bucket lists. Focus on thy own self is fantastic but blend baby blend.

LIBRA - Finally we are starting to evolve more and Libra is all about achieving balance...or at least trying to. Libra takes a step out into learning from others, savoring relationships, and tries to be the peacemaker. Life is fun again...and that fun is found in interacting with the human race. Embracing love now, Libra can come fully out of the self and live in the world of interconnectedness. With some of Virgo's cautious ways still in this new sign's footsteps, Libra doesn't try to make too many waves. She is outgoing, pleasant, easygoing, and Ms. Popularity. Libra has to learn that they can't be in love with falling in love. Life isn't always roses and chocolates and best friends. Use this energy of interaction with other souls to learn what others have gone through in order to elevate your own soul. Make use of the scales to weigh out decisions, see each side to the story and to be fair and easy on yourself. After Virgo's harsh criticism of self and others.....Libra is a breath of fresh air when it comes to letting others be who they want to be. Libra to me is a delightful sign and another stop along the zodiac to enjoy life as it is.

SCORPIO - Here we have left Libra behind in the dust...as we explore the dark areas of life. We can not experience the whole idea of this World without knowing its deepest darkest crevices. One might think that Scorpio should be down further on the chain...perhaps between Taurus and Gemini...but the Scorpio soul is so much more evolved spiritually. As we reach Scorpio we are filling the final gaps the of the 5 ingredients to the purpose by including spiritual and physical. Scorpio teaches us birth, renewal, and explores death. We start to think of why are we here, where do we go, what's our purpose and this becomes the ultimate breath of a Scorpio. Scorpio explores sex to a level that no other sign does. She discovers that sex is the ultimate spiritual connection between two beings and when you roll that together with everything learned along the way, Scorpio can take relationships to absolute heights. However on the dark side, Scorpio easily falls prey to addiction, jealously, possession, and manipulation. She must experience these things as the final major lesson before crossing over to the end of the zodiac. I honestly believe that out of all the signs...if there is one zodiac level that flunks more academic souls than others...it would be Scorpio for there are 3 levels of Scorpion souls. There is the serpent (the low life, lying, stealing, affair having thief), the Eagle (learning to master the lessons), and the Phoenix rising from the ashes (the ultimate resurrection and goal of Scorpio). Where's the typical Scorpion depiction here you might ask? I believe the Scorpion is always part of the 3 levels...for all Scorpios will be protective, determined, and ready to sting in order to protect themselves and others. Scorpio's lesson is to survive and to soar out of their own demons with raging spirituality and at least several of life's mysteries solved. Oh yeah..and they better get all their passion released for sex cuz after this sign..it seriously diminishes..as this is the beginning of passing back over to the other side. I also feel that out of all the signs, Scorpio will start to meet twin souls here in this phase which will give them a glimpse of returning with their other half. It's almost a reconnecting point to check in with each to see how they are doing on their paths.

SAGITTARIUS - Sex has taken a back seat in the sense of it being anything more than a physical need. We are now preparing to leave the material world...we are going back to our roots to connect with Earth. So strange how we could have already spent 8 zodiac cycles (who knows how many times?) and have been so disconnected from the energy of Mother Earth. Sag takes us back there to the beginning of time...warriors of nature who live off the land, speak to animals, heal with the plants, and are the most effortless carefree spirited souls. Sagittarius has become excited to be where they are at. They are appreciative and eager to take a back seat to the hum-drum of life to now explore it's adventures. Although this is a very important process of the zodiac evolution...Sagittarius needs to find a balance between fun and adventure and still keeping one foot in the material world..at least for now. They are philosophical but forgetful. Sag needs to discover new land and make peace with the Earth but they also need to remember their responsibilities. I firmly believe there are more broken-home/adbandoner Sag parents out there than any other sign. Sags are quick to move on and move past...sometimes to their own detriment. To them life moves too fast to be tied down....Sags need to anchor themselves to something because they aren't done yet.

CAPRICORN - The starting to slow down phase..think of Capricorn as life in the age of 50-60. We are so content with ourselves (or so we think) that we start seeking solitude. Capricorn to me is the strangest sign of the whole zodiac. Although they are loyal (for the most part)and almost always ready to settle down and commit...many Capricorns inflict a bachelor/bachelorette life upon themselves subconsciously...even for years. Capricorn looks back on the world and starts to PANIC! Did I work hard enough? Did I make enough or have enough? Did I find enough people to love me? What if I did it all wrong? It's a sad last attempt to rectify and also a zodiac sign that pulls some of the negatives from previous levels as back ups. This is what gets me about Capricorn. Is it a before I die kinda impulse? Caps can be very jealous, have highly addictive behaviors and sadly will never ever change, in essence feeling that there work here is done. There is no soul evolving going on behind the scenes for Caps that I can see happening. Don't get me wrong..I don't want to make them out to be a bad apple in the zodiac but they are more like grumpy old men....yelling at the kids for being too loud, pissed at people that haven't had to struggle like them...angry at the world for making them old and ever-changing. Capricorn's lesson is TO experience the solitude yet learn to look back and reflect..the make the necessary changes. Again another sign behind Scorpio that I feel may be repeated often. It's like a black hole for some, Although Caps can be excellent workers..again here we also see things taken to the extreme. Capricorn should be a time for gathering the nuts for winter so to speak but then doing personal growth on their end that prepares them for the last 2 signs.

AQUARIUS- Here we see detachment in every sense of the word. We also see a deep desire for learning all there is to know about the world...there is also a lot of accomplishment found in Aquarius..usually of the weird kind. There are many Aquarians that take the offbeat path and find unusual ways to live their lives. They can be extravagant, avant-garde, and new age. They do not attach themselves to much..which is their real purpose and lesson...to be emotionally, physically, and mentally detached from people, possessions, and even the Earth. The time has come in this sign to move into the spiritual world and leave all else behind. I could see being in love with an Aquarius as being difficult as they are very much free spirits. I find in Aquarius that many of them relive past lives. Floating into the spiritual world from the physical, they find many past links to previous lifetimes and that will be their driving force in this one. Many history buffs, reenactors, and devoted religious people are the sign of Aquarius and I believe these are past life connections.

PISCES- Lastly, we enter Pisces and exit the physical world. We now live in an emotionally-charged spiritual world that makes us highly evolved, extremely intelligent and eclectic humans who's souls actually reside outside of our bodies. We have one last goal...and that is to find peace. We make peace, we forgive, we love, and we teach others how everything is connected to one giant life force. Many special souls are in this last phase...mentally challenged, physically challenged, autistic children, and even artists. We now know we are in this world but not of this world. Although we thought we left emotion behind..the emotion is showed by the abililty to self-sacrifice many necessities and to shed our old wounds, addictions, grudges, and demons. Now we can return to where we came from...having learned our lessons here. Perhaps there are more important lessons of becoming something else but for now..we know we have experienced all worldly desires and conquered them. We have become all signs and hopefully have left some positive mark on the world for more souls to have divine experiences.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Venus and Mars in Scorpio Sept 2010 - Jan 2011

Venus is in Scorpio from Sep 8 2010 to January 7 2010. WOO-HOO! Nevermind the fact that it will retrograde in Oct..that's a whole 'nother bag of worms (and another blog post). Anything in Scorpio excites me to no end...why why why...cuz Scorpio is my blood. Venus conjures up love, attraction, magnetism, and centers herself on relationships. Relationships+Scorpio---shiiitttt I should know all about this....it's the driving force of my whole being. So if we look at people who were born with Venus in Scorpio...we find a soul who is highly intense, dramatic, determined, and romantic. They can be passionate to the point of obsession...smothering their coveted object of desire with sooo much attention that they can scare them off. However the interesting thing..at least what I have heard..is that once the Scorpio backs off and puts her stinger between her legs...the once coveted object sorely misses the intense love and attention they once received (usually folks..unless there were restraining orders involved). Scorpio is also the natural born detective and master of secrets. However, Scorpios are driven to succeed, highly intelligent, very spiritual, and devoted. The flip side to Scorpio is the jealously, possessiveness, secretive demeanor, and interrogating suspiscions. I think what we will see coming out of Venus in Scorpio ESPECIALLY with Mars entering Scorpio shortly thereafter on Sept 14.....is an explosion of white hot HEAT...smoldering and burning everything in its path..sometimes leaving scars..other times creating emptiness to rebuild upon. The relationships in our lives will change...our feelings toward and in our relationships will evolve perhaps almost by flipping a switch. We could turn into the lower evolution of Scorpio serpents and become overly jealous and obsessive towards our partners..with little to no reasoning OR we could decide to rendezvous in some down and dirty Scorpio waters of devilish sex, affairs, secret hoarding and craziness. Haven't you read the astrology websites warning you that SECRETS will be exposed over the next couple of months?? Shame on you! LOL Now now...I don't want to sound all pessimistic because Scorpio has some beautiful tantalizing spiritual aspects to it. The best part is that OUR RELATIONSHIPS will become more EMOTIONAL. We will break through barriers, tear down walls, and come hell or high water...be spewing out to others as well as being on the receiving end of emotional depth. I think people's emotions will change...they will either set their eye on someone and be driven by an unknown force to capture their heart (even if they only saw you as a friend or passed you by before without a second glance) or...perhaps they will look at an old relationship and finally be compelled to release it forever. For Scorpio's are all or nothing..it's either black and white...but never ever ever ever gray. My advice would be to use Scorpio's power in your relationships to reevaluate, open up, become vulnerable, and reconnect. Now would be a great time to try some kinky sex with your partner, burn those pictures and letters from an old boyfriend/girlfriend still pulling on your heartstrings, go out on the town and feel the magnetic Scorpion pull, cease old relationships/friendships that no longer serve a purpose, or work up the Scorpio "ain't afraid of nothing" dare devil balls to make the first move. Venus and Mars floating around in Scorpionic ecstasy will be a give and take, a masculine and feminine....take it as a time to create, destroy, revel in, and rebuild..like Scorpio's do best...a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


i write. i don't talk much. I just listen for phrases, words, sounds i can connect with...things that make sense in my head. the world we live in is fucked up, achingly beautiful as it is, and i try to recapture that beauty in words..words that outlive people, civilizations, institutions. words inspire, instigate, spur memories, images, associations, and synapse pulsations. words hurt, soothe, demand, create, teach, entrance, romance, pervert, unite , and divide.

words be powerful........

i started writing as a young girl to survive a spiritually blighted landscape. i obsessively devoted my life to writing after my father left when i was twelve. it was the only way i could stay sane. i learned to give up what i see. i see a lot. i taught myself to believe in words, colors, truth, astrology, and good sex.

oh yea and coffee...

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I apologize but I am having issues with pics right now so I apologize for the baren posts. I am hoping to have it fixed by Monday. Anywhoo...I also tried this dip last week from Big Red Kitchen. I heard people talking about this dip but hadn't tried it yet. I love me some buffalo wings and I do enjoy spicy food. Needless to say I was reved up about this recipe. I have compared the recipe against other similar ones and they are all about the same...minus the debate of using blue cheese or ranch which I think is just a personal preference. I had never heard of anyone buying wings and getting a side of ranch till I moved out west to Arizona. On the West Coast, you have to ask specifically for Blue Cheese. Stranggeee. I made this dip with ranch and that might have had something to do with my disappointment. I think this would have been way better if I had made it with blue cheese and LEFT out the chicken. The chunky chicken was a weird texture combo for me. I heard people tear this dip up so I think my taste buds just might be weird. Try it and let me know what you think.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Beer Braised Beef and Losing Weight

There's nothing like the smell of onions and garlic cooking on the stove.... This week I have attempted to throw myself into making meals again. An 8 yr relationship tossed to the curb has had me eating out and nuking shit in the microwave. YIKES~! Although I have managed to maintain my 50lb weight loss since mid-2009..all that is about to change!

I have a very unhealthy obsession with food blogs. Food porn takes up a great deal of my weekly internet black hole. I think the hardest thing is fighting the devil in my head that screams for butter, sugar and good ol' grandma made food...and trying to listen to the rational olivia newtown-john "let's get physical" sweat-band wearing guru that tells me to cut out sugar and watch carbs. Yes, its true..I lost 50lbs last year doing Atkins and amazingly I did not put all weight back on as I have in the past. Granted.. 8 years worth of tears, almost becoming homeless, loving and losing, and struggling with who the heck I had become and wanted to be...kept me from dipping into the fatso bowl. I had so many moments of not wanting to eat anything and living off coffee...like that's good for you lol. But my inner soul mama wants to make my own butter, concoct creamy mac and cheese, and try every damn brownie recipe this side of the Mississippi River. I am damned if I do and damned if I don't try.

This week marked my first official trip back to the store with a typed ingredient list and a master meal plan in over 9 months. Kylie and I tried these recipes and I will let you know which ones were winners and which ones were runners up.

First of all....let me tell ya who's food blog I am sampling this week. I am more than likely going to spend quite some time devouring these recipes. I dabbled in some of her recipes back in 2008 and fell in love. Please note..this weeks food blog spotlight is not for the faint-hearted. If you are dieting or have some weird aversion to butter...don't even attempt this recipes. My number one fave food blog is The Pioneer Woman. I have been following her for a couple years now and for the most part...drool over everything she does...from the food porn to the silly humor in her writing. She's real and she's down-to-earth which I adore. I also am head over heels for her blog style of photographing everything she does which for people like me makes it a hellva lot easier to actually recreate these.

This week we did:

Beer Braised Beef with Onions - I LOVE this! Even Ky tore it up! It made the house smell wonderful plus I got to do some dutch oven cooking which is always fun...especially with Le Creuset. I got beef that was almost 3lbs and used Miller Lite...hey hey hey it was cheap and available. As a side we did exploded mashed potatoes. Pioneer Woman has a recipe similar to this but I make my regular homemade mashed potatoes (family secret) and then add the bacon, green onions, and shredded cheese. They are similar to my favorite dive's exploded potatoes ~ Frisco's in Frederick. Definitely would make this if I had company :)

Fried Round Steak - I should of known I would not be impressed ONLY because I have had fried round steak...country fried steak..whatever the hell ya wanna call it..before at the request of my now ex-boyfriend. I did not grow up in the country so until I met him..I had never EVEN heard of country fried steak lol. Not a big fan of it..it's OK but nothing spectacular. For some people, I could see how this would be a comfort food..perhaps taking them back to childhood memories but for me, my memories are void of this. I liked that Ree used only flour and not egg to coat these. They were light and as fried round steak goes..not too shabby. If you or your hubby or domestic partner...luvs country fried steak...then this recipe is for you. We served with veggies in a rosemary sauce.

Smashed potatoes - I varied this slightly and served with the beer braised beef. Definitely a huge hit! Highly recommend this recipe if you love loaded baked potatoes. Goes great with anything or you can eat it alone..out of the bowl...like I did.

For the line up for the rest of the week into the weekend...I still have a layered salad, chicken with lemon penne pasta, mushroom swiss sliders with homemade onion rings to do and bean and beef burritos. I will post those results by early next week. Kylie is going away for the weekend so I won't be doing so much cooking.

My goal after unloading the fridge and freezer for next week is to try some healthier meals. I will see what I come up with...probably going to hit up my favorite low carb food blog for some ideas. If you are trying to lose weight..there's definitely some substitutions you could have used for these recipes so feel free to screw around with them.

Learning Astrology

I can still remember the day I stumbled upon the astrology section of the library when I was 13 years old and found Linda Goodman's Love signs. AHHH...the glory of it all. Linda Goodman is still my hero and bless her little heart in heaven, she was my first astrological love. Since that moment, I have immersed myself in astrology books..but never really studying deeper than our sun signs. WOW! There was so much confusion even 10 years later as to why some people totally fit their signs and others not so much. I knew there was something hiding beneath layers but I wasn't quire ready to explore it yet. One super fun thing about 2010 has been my reconnection with astrology in a more organic way. Although the charts and some of the terms are still too way over my head right now, I feel that it's all starting to make more sense slowly but surely. I take one aspect and thoroughly investigate it for a month or two. Baby steps is what I feel I am doing. Something I read that struck me the most was ~to learn astrology one must really study the moon and how it affects their own life. I have been doing this since March 2010 with astounding results. I have to admit...even though I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with astrology from the moment we met....I have always believed in a sun sign but was very skeptical of horoscopes and daily/weekly/monthly predictions. I found it to be very generalized and vague. I opted to see for myself by following over 30 different sites daily and making calendar notes. I have utilized Google Calendar which I adore and made notes based on what different horoscopes predicted and then an account of what actually happened. What is great about Google Calendar is that I set it to send alerts to me via my Blackberry so the day before..I will receive reminders about what is to come. So far in my 6 month study, I have narrowed my 30 plus sites down to about 2 or 3 reliable ones and a handful of fun ones which I will share with you shortly. Please note that this has been my experience. To truly connect with an astrologer..I invite you to conduct your own 3 or 6 month study and see what has been true for you. Despite a website looking cheesy or corny or filled with uber amounts of advertising..I gave them all a fair chance. Here are the ones that blown me away and stood the test of reliable (90% accuracy or higher) over the course of the last 6 months.

1. My absolute fave - Susan Miller. Her monthly reports are to die for and by the first of every month I am anticipating savoring her predictions and updating my calendar. She also allows you to read previous months to compare. If I had to pick my fave living astrologer...Susan Miller tickles my fancy.

2. Very corny/junky ad site but shockingly...seems to be true for me almost all the time. HipScopes offers weekly love forecasts and daily text messages that you don't have to subscribe too. I have been shocked as shit about this site but keep coming back to it because week after week..it has been true. I rely more on the weeklies than the dailies. Fun site overall.

3. AstroStyle ~ another suprising one. The website is a lil too purty for me and romantically sickly with all the uber girly pictures but I like their monthly updates. The dailies are touch and go so take those with a grain of salt. I actually was totally siked to read the Astro Twins book when it came out but was not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. Maybe I should give it another shot. Add to bucket list....

4. Jan Spiller ~ always seems to compare well with Susan Miller (hmm something fishy here LOL) but beautifully written as well. Again, no luck with dailies but the monthly is very informative and generally true.

5. Chrissie Blaze ~ another good astrologer. Short monthly horoscopes but good.

6. Kim Allen ~ very impressive monthly predictions!

I am sure there are some I am forgetting but these are my faves that I visit often. Again please start your own tracking and see what you discover. It's important to mark dates that there are major planetary changes....Can you see these planets affecting your life? My answer has been yes and it totally blows my mind.

I look forward to doing some more posts to share astrology information with you. I am a work in progress with it but I would love to learn right along with you. If you have any suggestions of sites that are always true for you..email me and I will test them out for several months.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Raspberry Cream Pie

K and I made Raspberry Cream Pie today as a special refreshing end of summer dessert. It was fairly easy to make and it tastes super yummy. The only problem we had was with the crust sticking to the bottom after it was done. If anyone has any suggestions or variations please let me know.We also used 2 cups of raspberries which in my opinion was way too much. Stick to the 1 cup otherwise it becomes a little too tart and overwhelming.


  • 25 whole Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • 4 Tablespoons Butter, Melted
  • 1 cup (generous) Raspberries
  • 3 Tablespoons Sugar
  • 2 containers (6 Ounce Each) Raspberry Yogurt
  • 1 package (3.4 Oz) Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix (get small box not big one)
  • 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Extra Raspberries For Garnish

Preparation Instructions

To make the crust, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Crust cookies in a food processor (or smash in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin). Stir in melted butter until all combined. Pour into a regular pie pan and press crumbs all over the pan and up the sides. Bake for 3 to 4 minutes—just long enough for it to set. Cool crust completely.

Place raspberries on a plate or in an empty pan. Smash them with a fork, then sprinkle on 3 tablespoons of sugar. Stir together and allow to sit for 15 minutes.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine raspberry yogurt with the instant vanilla pudding mix (just the powder itself.) Beat on low until combined, about 1 minute. Pour in heavy cream and whip on low for 30 seconds. Stop the mixer and scrape down the bowl with a rubber spatula. Turn mixer on medium-high speed and beat for two minutes, or until mixture is thick.

Turn off mixer, then fold in raspberries until just combined. Pour into cooled pie pan and spread evenly. Freeze for two hours, or until very firm. Cut into slices and top each slice with cookie crumbs, dollops of whipped cream, and extra raspberries. Keep in freezer, allowing time to thaw before serving.

Cupcake Swirl Giveaway

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back again!

It's been a long time since I posted and I apologize! I've had a series of events that sorta just stopped all creativity for awhile. I ended my 8 year long relationship (which was long overdue), I left a very respectable job in search of finding myself, and I spent one too many evenings staring at the emptiness I felt was my life and trying to decide which move to make next. But alas!- I am back and want to start writing again. When I originally started this blog almost 2 years ago, I had fantasies of it being about reviews and giveaways (hence the spiffy heading). However, what I have learned about myself is that I should never corner myself or carve too deep of a niche that traps me..cuz inevitably I will break free with wild abandon. I am ever-changing and evolving. I want this blog to be about ME and not in the vain sorta-way but about things that I like. I like reviewing things and giving my opinion but not because someone paid me to. I have taken on several new interests this year which just goes to show WHY I should not limit myself as a mommy blogger or a spend-thrift kinda person. I am much more rounded than that. I no longer spend my days as a housewife researching the most environmentally conscious products online for my child. I don't get to make 3 course meals for a family each night. My life as I knew it turned upside now and I get to go back to where I need to be....back to ME!