Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you are aware, you have everything.
You are alive, and you are in eternity.
You can see the dance unfold before you.
You know that everything,
every word and decision has a consequence,
either positive or challenging and none of it captures you.
Instead you simply make decisions and take actions that uphold
the grace and dignity of your own soul.
It is never about anyone else.
The quality of your life, depends upon one thing -
your level of awareness.
Once you have reached out beyond yourself,
you can begin to know that everything is a loving
teaching designed to move your soul forward.
The edges, separations, judgments and divisions soften
and are less discernible, less important.
There is only one of us
and nothing can be gained or lost in that.
Everything is simply love teaching us to be love.

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