Monday, March 2, 2009

More from Aldi's

I have been experimenting more and more with my Aldi's selections. So far I have only been unhappy with the canned mushrooms and the East Asia family Chinese dinner. The canned mushrooms..I mean as far as canned mushrooms go, had a pretty bad taste. I only use canned mushrooms for adding to spaghehtti. These were pretty weird tasting so I ended up tossing them out.

The East Asia beef Chinese dinner was strong with a very nice lemongrass flavor but the beef was not too good, not to mention, there might have only been 4 pieces of strange looking "beef" in the whole thing. Next time, I would just buy that and use it as a starter..then add your own beef on top. The rice and the flavor was kinda worth it.

The fig newtons have a cake like taste to them which is refreshingly nice. Inside was the same damn gooey fig that I so adore.

We also tried these banging cheddar cheese and jalapeno chips...well I mean my SO did. I managed to get one chip from him and the rest of the bag "magically" disappeared!!!

Still impressed overall...this week they are sorta doing an Italian thing. Lots of pastas, sauces, pizza and more featured. You can go online and check out their specials. I really wish my store sold liquor..not that I have much time to drink these days LOL.

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