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Coming soon ~ An in-depth look at Venus Retrograde 2010. For those of you who have been wondering why all these former flames or one-night stands are resurfacing..or perhaps you yourself have been walking down memory lane with previous relationships....blame it on Venus in retrograde! I also have another contest I will be posting soon for a gift card. There will be more articles being posted as well including Healing the Soul through the Zodiac, Learning to Follow the Moon and her waning ways, and Does he like me or not?- a look at the signs of flirtation in the zodiac geared towards women. Please follow me and subscribe to my updates so that you can receive new postings in your email inbox as they are listed. You can also follow me on twitter. I am working on getting a new facebook fan page up as well so stay tuned.

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Astrology Book Giveaway - Ends Nov 6

I have an awesome astrology book giveaway for readers who have been checking out my zodiac ramblings. The book is Do It Yourself Astrology: A User Friendly Guide to Your Personality by Lyn Birkbeck. It's a wonderful book for new or experienced astrologers. It's simple to use and you can bet that I have my own copy in my library.

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Soul Mates in the Zodiac

Soul Mates in the Zodiac

Love at first sight, that feeling of meeting your other half, the excitement of loving someone who you feel completes you..these are often things people associate with soul mates. I think more often than not we get caught up in the hype of a soul mate without really understanding the meaning of the connection that a soul mate may bring into our lives. There are two types of soul mates- life partners (general soul mates) and twin souls. Contrary to what we usually hear about soul mates…for the most part, we do not live “happily ever after” with them. Soul Mates are spirits pre-destined to share a lifetime (perhaps even several lifetimes) with us. They have an unseen connection to our soul which is usually felt when you first meet them. This explains why when looking into someone’s eyes you may feel that you are “home” with them or you have an uncanny feeling that you have met somewhere before but can’t place it. Twin Souls have the same effect as Life Partners BUT twin souls almost mirror our lives. Theory has it that twin souls were once part of us…and they are our other half split from spirits when we come to this world. All very adam and eve-ish if you ask me. Twin souls share the same experiences as we do even if they are in a different context. They are about the same age and have gone through most of the same troubles/experiences as their other half. You may go many lifetimes without meeting up with your twin soul. The problem with twin souls is that reconnecting with them can become such ethereal bliss that when they leave (and they always will), the pain from the loss can feel as if you are utterly coming apart. Life Partners are soul mates who are more likely to stay in our lives through some sort of may be a relationship, marriage, or friendship or even as family. Not all soul mates are love connections as they may even be our same sex, different age ranges, or a relative. At any rate, soul mates come into our lives to HELP us. They come to teach us lessons, to reconnect us with Spirit, and to give us a glimpse of what love can be. Oftentimes, they remind us of where we have been and where we plan on going. To meet a soul mate or your Twin Soul in this lifetime is a blessing. The most important thing to remember about soul mates is that they will come and they will go. During the time they are with us, they will teach us important lessons, guide us to other people we are meant to meet up with, and will show us parts of ourselves we have refused to see. This is why relationships with soul mates can be a catch 22…amazing but extremely intense and emotional.

Based on reincarnation through the zodiac, you may have wondered what KIND of soul mate we might expect to find during our journey in a specific zodiac sign. Pulling from the positive and negative of each astrological sign, we can take a detailed look. Some may look at this as unrequited loves but again, most soul mate experiences are. I will also go into what each sign looks for in love and how they handle their relationships.

ARIES- Aries is a hard sign to keep up with. Not as outwardly seeking as Aquarius is but still much of a go-getter, Aries needs someone who can at least keep up with their ideas..even though some of these may never see the years of fruitation. Aries is also very much in ME ME ME mode so any slight of the limelight being on their partner more so than them, can cause serious difficulties. Leo is often claimed to be the spotlight seeker but I believe that Aries is even more of an attention-seeker than the Lion is. Aries soul mates come to them to stir up this need that Aries may or may not admit to…the need of being babied. By stirring up, I mean bringing forth into the light, exposing, and stealing the attention. Overall, this is a lesson that needed to be learned by Aries but ultimately ends in Aries seeking attention elsewhere. Aries is the first to offer a stranger money, lend services for free or give extravagant shows of love to a partner. They want the partner to rely on them thus believing the partner will never stray since they can offer so many things to them that someone else may not be able to do. This scares many of Aries potential partners away. Just like the smother and emotional needs of a Scorpio, Aries will extravagantly smother their partner and move so fast into things without thinking of consequence, the partner will flee. Aries seeks these partnerships in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Libra.

TAURUS- Taurus usually finds a person who reflects their main caregiver in life. With Taurus being the sign of family and domestic relations…I don’t find this surprising at all. Generally, we do seek out people who remind us of our fathers or mothers but Taurus amps it up a bit. If their home life was not up to par, Taurus will find a new partner to replay early childhood experiences with. Unbenounced to this partner, Taurus will try to find methods to heal themselves or search for ways to gain the love they never received from a mother, father, or caregiver. This emotion of filling an emptiness becomes a need combined with possessiveness and a desire to create more of what they never had. Taurus can easily destroy a relationship by throwing themselves into work, an obsessive drive for accumulating wealth and material possessions, and a controlling manner. Soul mate attractions come by free spirits who are not so concerned with what Taurus is searching for. They want to heal the childhood wounds and although they find comfort in the security Taurus can give, they will ultimately walk away wounded, feeling used, and defeated by Taurus. Most of these relationships can end in a very nasty manner with the Taurus bull never changing or forgiving the soul mate but still loving them beyond belief. Signs they are attracted to for this kind of healing is Scorpio (their opposite), Sagittarius and Aquarius.

GEMINI- The evil twin within Gemini fights daily against what Gemini needs and what Gemini wants. Gemini is usually drawn to a stronger counterpart who can be controlling and limits them. The biggest issue with Gemini is mainly only seen in Gemini men. They are drawn to a pretty face and a perfect body…even if there are no brains or commitment to family involved. Men are generally looking for trophy wives and Gemini women are looking for a men who can stimulate them on all levels..although it usually leads to some sort of seclusion or under- the- covers control in the end. I think for the females the control part is slightly desired by them on some level and they can easily succumb to it because they are so adaptable. Gemini men are quick to have affairs but will ultimately return to their “trophy” even if their mental and spiritual needs are not being met by them. They also continue to subject themselves to the relationship even if deep down they know this so-called trophy makes them miserable. Soul mates attracted by Gemini’s are usually not the trophy types but they provide Gemini with a match of wits or can connect with them on an emotional level. For Gemini men, this would be a tom-boyish or otherwise not as attractive female who can be a best friend to them. For Gemini women…a not so attractive man who has issues (addictions, mental, a lost soul). For the Gemini women, they can sometimes make this work until the men can’t keep up with their need for human contact. They need someone who can work the social scene as much as they can. Soul mates come to Gemini to show them that life is not perfection. You can not judge a book soley by the cover is a lesson for soul mates to bring Gemini. However, usually by the time Gemini discovers this, they are already trapped. Sadly, the youth seeking perfectionist of beauty does not improve with age…for the most part Gemini will never grow out of this until after the age of 70..if they ever do. In my studies, there have been more Gemini cheaters than any other sign. Signs they are attracted to are: Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo, and Libra….well and almost any sign with model looks.

CANCER- I honestly feel that a lot of Gemini men issues roll over to Cancer for the Cancer men as well. The Cancer man will almost always fall for the prettiest girl in the room even if that person has nothing to offer them in return. However, Cancer can hook themselves to someone emotionally for life even if the relationship never works out. They are sentimentalists that attach themselves in a memory-mode to people, places, and objects. Cancer has a bad habit of living in a time warp and the Soul Mates that come into their lives during their Cancer phase are usually the ones that want to shake them out of their shells. Cancer will NOT have this though…they are creatures of comfort and any slight debilitating blow to their home life, emotions, memories, or personal collections will boot you out the door without even a chance. They will then run to what makes them comfortable for fear of risking change. Cancer can have relationships and marriage that last for years…perhaps taking small breaks for indiscretion (emotional or physical) but almost always returning. These relationships do not usually end for the clinging claws of crabby cancers until their mate has the final word and pushes them completely out of their lives. Soul mates will come to the Cancers to save them, to give them hope, to teach them to live outside of the material world, and to show them what real emotion can be..not just coddling. Cancer will relish in this for a small period of time but will become afraid of change and will run. So how do they stay intertwined for someone for so long? These people are usually either signs BEFORE them (aka not as evolved as they are), the same sign as them, OR a sign that is so spiritually evolved that they could care less about attempting to change the poor little crabby. A lot of Cancers will find other Cancers so they feel they never have to change. Sadly, not a lot of growth happens here. Cancer is usually attracted to: Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini,Sagittarius

LEO – Leo soul mates are the ones that test Leo’s need for control. If Leo can not control where they deem necessary and be rewarded for their ideas in relationships, they will look for ways out. Leo’s need their egos stroked even on a subconscious level. When this does not happen for a period of time, they will sulk and put down the lion roar in no time. Leo soul mates are also more of a deep friend connection that you almost will not find elsewhere in the zodiac love connection. They need a mate who can push them outside of their little box to find themselves in situations they ultimately can not control thus leaving them vulnerable. This is ultimately a wonderful goal for Leo but a difficult one. I have found that Leo’s can be wholeheartedly commited when they do find their soul the point of brushing any slights under a rug so that it does not appear to the outside world that they do not have the perfect relationship at all times. Leo’s are drawn to Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries..all fire signs.

LIBRA- The ultimate lover of love. Libra loves to be in love and seeks someone who can be constantly in love them, faults and all. They do expect the opposite sex to control the relationship..whether it be an obsession, a casual romance or a marriage…they subconsciously seek out someone to motivate them, plan for them, and set important dates. Although they crave balance, more often than not, their partner is the one pulling the strings or the one that is the strongest of the two. The soul mate will test them on various levels with commitment, balance, and comfort. Libra can become so complacent that they let their partner make all the decisions, control their friendships, decisions, and career moves. What I like about Libra is that even though control can be a detriment, ultimately the soul mate helps the Libra make choices that benefit everyone. A soul mate for Libra can keep them on task, help them reach mutual goals, and strive for making the relationship the best it can be. Despite Libra’s social butterfly status, Libra is not always as outgoing and friend dependent as some astrologers make them out to be. Sure, they may have a phone book that revels all others but these contacts will be on a high/low contact phase. Naturally, other natal planets will affect this but overall Libra is seeking a friendship in their main relationship. A soul mate will bring this to them and these relationships will look like a brother/sister early childhood connection of contentment, comfort, and goofiness. Libra’s are attracted to Pisces, Leo, Aries, and Scorpio for these connections.

VIRGO- I find Virgo’s to have the most issues with relationships. I believe this to be directly correlated to their need for perfection and their desire for their own life to be in order before sharing it with someone else. There is also a subconcoius desire to withhold emotions and to not lose control on their part. With a potential partner having so much to live up to..this creates the commonly seen scenario of Virgo bachelors/bachorlettes. These times of solitude are sometimes self-imposed but Virgo will fill it with obsessions that are unobtainable. Like a Gemini, Virgo feeds off of communication and intellectual stimulation. Often times, they do not find this in their run of the mill relationships..they are usually found in soul mate relationships. If a Virgo feels trapped as they usually do, they run and cease all communication. It is not often that we find Virgo being pushed away unless Virgo has decided to admit their feelings to their partner and the partner denies them. I see a lot of Virgo relationships where they deny a connection actually being a relationship. The partner leaves after feeling unfulfilled and moves on. When faced with the fear of losing this partner, they will then try to become what the partner wanted only to find the partner is no longer interested and deems it too late for the Virgo to try. Then the Virgo will carry on the relationships in a peusdo manner to the point of obsession…often times, never really getting over the ex-partner. Soul mates will come to test them, point out their obvious hidden emotions, attempt to change them and lure them into coming out of their orderly world. Virgos are not as easily penetrable as other zodiac signs. They can not be swayed or pushed into love. They must come on their own free will and their own times desire. Soul mate attractions are usually found in Gemini, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

SCORPIO- Scorpio can sense a soul mate connection in their very being which makes soul mates meetings distinctive and slightly dangerous for them. The feeling of this soul mate connection can be so overwhelming that it can control many of Scorpios moves and emotions. Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that will search a partner’s eyes for a familiar connection..this is easily done for them and can be quite an experience for the partner who is not so sure of Scorpio’s motives. Once a soul mate has been recognized by the Scorpion, they are reluctant to let go of this connection even for many years afterwards. More often than not, soul mate connections are epic fails for them. Could this be because of Scorpio’s dark and mysterious need for a collection of soul mates over a lifetime or perhaps their intensity scares would-be suitors off? Let’s remember that Scorpio’s recincarnation lesson is for the realization that sex is not the be all end all of life. This drives them to research and investigate this lesson for most of their early life into their late 40’s. Soul mate connections come to them in aid of pushing Scorpio to test these boundaries and to show them that despite whatever weaknesses they have come to this world with, they too can be a the phoenix rising from the ashes. The issue with these connections is that they can be overly emotional, sex ruled relationships that are tested daily by the Scorpio. In most cases, the soul mate is pushed away by the overbearing Scorpio who has a tendency to smother OR the soul mate escapes by whatever means to move on with their unpleasant as it may have been before meeting the Scorpion. In my studies, even though Scorpio loses more soul mates than any other sign, they also have more reconnections with them over the years than most. It is hard for the soul mate to leave behind the intensity over time and they will come back for bits and pieces..but never the complete package. When you hear of Scorpio’s having many affairs..its usually for this reason. It’s a reconnection with a soul mate going down memory lane. These affairs..short-lived or not…will still be a burning flame inside the Scorpio soul even if they are in happily commited relationships. Scorpio attractions for these soul mate connections are usually: Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, and Taurus.

SAGITTARIUS- For Sags who often flee the scene of the crime when their freedom is tested and their dreams are barred…when they do love, they can be committed indefinitely. It is only when their pleasure-seeking ways are impeded that they will seek love elsewhere. Sags will usually not stay where they are not wanted and they will not reside in a relationship that is overbearing and non-respectful of their own needs. They can walk away, hands washed clean as if nothing existed prior to this moment. Good for them! At least they have the ability to see when things are going downhill whereas some of the zodiac signs will stay for many years, never seeing the forest for the trees. Soul mate connections come to test Sagittarius and almost plead with them to stay in the NOW and not hover above the clouds. As their reincarnation lesson states, Sags need to try to remain part of the physical world, despite their desire to reconnect with the beauty of nature and that which is free like their souls..rivers, oceans, and animals. Emotional signs are drawn to them to bring out the emotions they so often hide within themselves. It may not be apparent at first but eventually either through the untimely demise of the relationship, new boundaries put in place by the partner or through the partners emotional needs…the normally dormant emotional expressions of Sagittarius will be brought out. Although their emotions do not come close to others of the Sag they can sometimes be overwhelming although their surface behaviors will rarely show any sign of distress. Soul mate connections are usually found in Libra, Virgo, and Leo.

CAPRICORN- I am going to blow the whistle on Capricorn and let the cat out of the bag. For all the information I have read about Capricorn’s ability to find solidity in just about anything..there is a definite fine line between emotional/physical/sexual for them. I am in no way a Capricorn basher. I can clearly see the negative and positive of every sign. Capricorn can be a lifetime committer on the first glance level and they do have a wonderful work ethic that rivals even Taurus at times. One of Cappy’s weaknesses is to attach themselves to a partner based more on what the partner can give them in terms of financial security. They will also catergorize relationships and even friendships on what each person can offer..utilizing each catergorial need as it presents itself in their life. These catergories might be labeled- money, career advancenment, sex, emotional commitment, obsession, free food, fun person to drink with, etc. If it doesn’t fit a need, Capricorn will either pass by or perhaps create a fantasy need from them. Soul mate connections for Capricorn will present themselves by putting up roadblocks to what Capricorn wants from them. Although this will sustain the relationship over time as Capricorn will work hard for what they want…once the partner finds out what secret catergory they have been placed in, they will leave for something less demanding and callus. Capricorn can remain in a relationship for their whole lives or at least for many years..however its usually the other party that pulls the plug and forces Cappy to flash back to reality. Capricorn is next in line behind Scorpio for having the most failed soul mates connections..which for Scorpio and can easily see why. Reconnections with Capricorn rarely happen for that face that once Capricorn has been shunned, it takes a lot of soul searching and understanding on their part to let a partner back into their life. More often than not, if a reconnection is made, the Capricorn will go right back to their habitual way of finding self-serving prophecies about the partner. This becomes a game and usually ends in Capricorn always searching for the next partner to meet these needs through. If a Capricorn is no longer receiving the benefits they initially began the partnership for, they will not hesitate to look elsewhere for that potential. By this point, the current partner has already caught on and can usually one-up them before Capricorn has a chance to sever the connection. I believe Capricorn has more of a little black book than Libra or Scorpio does. Soul mate attractions for Capricorn are usually Sagittarius, Scorpio, Gemini, and Virgo.

AQUARIUS- Do they even have time for love and relationships? A strong point about Aquarius that I love is that they will rarely ever put their own personal goals above another person’s. This makes them the ultimate winner in soul mate relationships. They need someone who can respect that they are a free spirit and they have their own goals WHICH will be met whether their partner shares these goals or not. Aquarius can be either one of two ways in relationships…fleeting from person to person in their travels, rarely settling down OR they can be firmly commited and family orientated. Again, other aspects in their chart will play a good role in settling this dispute. Even in commited relationships, they are still a free bird who has many outside of the home commitments and pursuits. This is all very enticing to a potential partner as on the surface Aquarius is what every person is looking for. They are not very emotional even to the point of being afraid of other people’s touch because its too close for comfort. They are not needy, whiny, or quitters. This is not to say that Aquarius will not cheat but when they do, there is rarely a reconnection with the former partner. The partner is beyond repair of the disbelief that someone so goal and future orientated could have left them to move to greener pastures. Once seriously involved, Aquarius will wear their partner like a boy/girl scout badge of accomplishment. However if you do not in some way, support them in their goals, share the same beliefs, or have common interests..the relationship will deteriorate. Soul mates come to Aquarius to find ways to strengthen their own personal goals and achievements. I like to think of aquarius relationships as healing, inspirational, motivating, and empowering for some partners. Aquarius makes a great teacher…although sometimes the message does not get through to the partner..but Aquarius can open a partners eyes to see the world as something to revel in, experiences, and learn about. Soul mates are usually more set in their ways or disagreeable with the Aquarius at first but over time Aquarius can penetrate them and leave a relationship imprint on their soul that follows them through life..even if the relationship ends. Soul mate connections are usually found in the signs of Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, and Taurus.

PISCES- What I usually find tangled up in Pisces relationships at a deep subconscious level is a mother figure. There is usually a beyond normal mother figure attachment and/or a lack of mother figure entirely. This is especially found in Pisces men. Pisces are ten times more emotional than Cancer and Scorpio put together…they are the zodiacs most tender and fragile creatures. Although they can build an extremely tough exterior, the inside is always too much for even them to handle. This is even found in other zodiac signs that have a pisces moon. As a water sign, Pisces found anywhere in a person’s chart can submerge and flow to almost all areas of their life. It’s that mutable. Pisces is looking to repair/replace/replenish this early childhood issue. Unlike Taurus who will also replay this out…Pisces is not looking to rehash it but rather create a completely new fantasy of what they wish they could had. I hope this makes sense and you can see the difference. Taurus will, like beating a dead horse, act out similar issues whereas Pisces will completely start anew to replace. Pisces men can be found usually with more mature, older women and/or who take on a motherly role. Pisces women will be so engrossed with their emotions that a partner can easily feel left out from the watery depths that surround them daily. Soul mates will come along and stir up these emotions. For Pisces women, soul mate men will come who attempt to save the Pisces female from drowning in their own despair. Pisces will not have this…for what is life without sorrow? Pisces men will seek women who can outdo and provide the motherly figure they so deeply desire. Although this will make the relationship last…the pisces will attach themselves even more fiercely then a Cancer crab’s claws or a Scorpion’s deadly stinger once they learn to trust their partner. This will ultimately over time smother their partner unless the partner is willing to succumb to their succubus ways. If the need is no longer being met and Pisces feels abandonded, as so many did in their younger years, they will seek out with no warning, another motherly figure. The great thing I do love about Pisces is their ability to blend with an already made family more so than any other sign. They love partners that take family seriously and even though they usually appear to be more needy than their partner, most soul mates will be just as needy on different levels. I believe this is usually what completes the connection. People who are what we describe as “rescuers” are often drawn to Pisces until they are so emotionally worn thin that they have to complete their own growth by branching out. These soul mate connections are usually sought in other water signs..Cancer, Scorpio, even other Pisces..some Libra’s and Virgos as well.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sex in the Zodiac


  • ARIES- Ready, Fire and Aim…Aries are always ready for a romp in the hay. Passionate..possible. Eager..definitely. They are like children whose eyes are wide open at the possible suggestion of sex however they enjoy the chase. They are imaginative and playful but serious about completing their task. They enjoy people to seduce them. They like the build up and anticipation of sex. They can talk for hours on end as an ongoing prelude to sex. They can talk for hours after sex. Aries are childlike and enjoy the pleasures of body as much as animals enjoy each other and their animalistic nature…unfettered and pure. Aries is forceful with themselves and when they want something, they want it. They will stop at nothing until they get it. This includes the object of their desire. This can be overbearing for some people to the point of driving them away. Commonly found in sexual relationships with Aries is a feeling of conquering another…once conquered, the original object of desire is seen without the rose colored lens and Aries finds another pursuit.

TAURUS- As bullheaded as they might appear and slow to pick up on signals from the opposite sex…Taurus has an almost insatiable appetite for getting off. Looking for almost daily sex that never gets old? Taurus is your match. Taurus is very sensual and is never opposed to touching after sex or giving/receiving back rubs. They are very touch-feely and in love with the human form. Although they are not the most creative lovemakers, they will offer themselves regularly for satisfaction. Being creatures of habit, they will almost never tire of the basic sex positions and enjoy getting their counterpart off as much as themselves. They do not object to trying new things but more often than not, they stick to what they know and expect their partner to be satisfied every time. Even into older age, Taurus can still be found to have much vigor and can easily detach emotions from sex..not in the sense of relationship emotions but they rarely withhold sex when stress and other factors play a large part of their lives. Sex is actually a stress reliever for them. If sex is not readily available, they are not too unabashed to pleasure themselves.

GEMINI- When in a committed relationship, Gemini will definitely experiment with taboo sex. They are generally very good kissers but will withhold eye contact and become lost in their own world. Not emotional lovemakers but will enjoy playful banter and intellectual stimulation. Gemini likes to boss their partner around in a sexual way and control their sexual pursuits. They are not generally the type to snuggle or engage in a lot of afterplay. Gemini is usually more concerned with their own pleasure than that of their partners. They can have a great need for sex in their relationships but if sex is withheld, they will seek it elsewhere. Even if having an affair or several sex partners, they will never let the person at the receiving end of their lovemaking know this or feel it. Although self-pleasurers of a normal stance, they would much rather hold out for the real thing if its available at some point. They are not above using guilt to make their partner feel that they are not sexually satisfied. If sex is not up to their standards they will make other parts of the relationship start to diminish as well.

CANCER- Dubbed as the romantics of the zodiac…they take lovemaking seriously. They also enjoy the whole wining and dining aspect..anything with a little romance to spark their fire. They are partial to first times, first kisses, and taking lovemaking slowly. They are usually never into hardcore sex or anything taboo. They prefer traditional sex and even the men, will love to be held afterwards and engage in some afterglow pillow talk. Unless an aspect is afflicted, they can be perfectly fine with sex with one partner but when they feel unloved and the romance has left their current relationship, they will seek out avenues to feel pleasure. They are sensitive so any blow to their ego, stress, or other outside factors will make them withhold sex until they are feeling more up to par. They enjoy looking into their partners eyes, kama sutra, and lovemaking sessions that can last all night.

LEO- Unless deeply commited, Leo will have many partners if they have decided a relationship is not for them. Sex is sex to them and when you are under their lion or lioness ways, they will make you feel as if you are the only one. They love talking dirty during sex and will often fall asleep, wake up and want more. However outside of the bedroom they can make you feel very lonely and beneath their spotlight. Some leos find sex at the bottom of their list and will control when they give it to a partner…just one more thing they can hold over you. They are also very modest and will not divulge to you how many other partners or who else there may be. They do enjoy getting their partners off so mutual enjoyment is exciting for them. Leo men are big on sex and some will have many partners, oftentimes several at a time.

VIRGO- For as modest as Virgos are made out to be, they can be extremely passionate and intense. They love self-pleasuring during sex and enjoy numerous positions. However pickiness and order still run true for them. The time, place, and environment has to be right. They enjoy being the ones to make the first move so let them. If you push them too fast into sex, they will be turned off. Passion does not always equal love for them. They will withhold emotions for fear of entrapment and they will be afraid to admit these emotions even to themselves. Torrid affairs, multiple partners at one time, and casual sex are not usually their forte. If they have invited you into their bedroom, you have earned their respect and trust. Virgos enjoy legs up, watching themselves, and lots of foreplay.

LIBRA- Sex is playful and fun. Laughing during the middle of sex..definitely not unheard of for Libra. Libras also enjoy watching pornography during sex and replaying this with their partner while laughing at how silly some of the moves are. They are not highly sexual creatures of the zodiac but who doesn’t enjoy sexual pleasure once in a while? They enjoy sex that is on a friendship level within a commitment. It is rare to see libra out gallivanting with hundreds of sex partners..if so..they must have other sexier aspects in their charts. Sex can be very routine for them but also romantic. Libra is also very big on flowers, jewelry, and fancy dinners…this is a pre-sex turn on for them. They enjoy sex in luxurious places and hotel rooms. They know what they like and will gladly share this with their partners.

SCORPIO- Sex with Scorpio is almost a religious experience. It has a presence of being deeper than just sex. They do have an insatiable drive for pleasure which makes them the Zodiac sex star right along with Taurus. If they are denied sex they can start to doubt the relationship and their partners desire for them. The chase is a turn on for scorpios as is sex in the dark, candelight, and sensual massage. To them sex is all encompassing and can easily make or break a relationship. They are into taboo sex and will try almost anything once. They are big on cutting to the chase, whispering, and sex that is beyond romantic..almost reaching a spiritual plane. If an eye connection is not made with them, they will reach into their memories for a scene to play out thus disconnecting them from their partner. Often times they will come away feeling sexually pleased but not emotionally charged.

SAGITTARIUS- There is sex and then there is sex for them…not much difference between the two of them but they will deny this. Usually emotionally devoid, to them pleasure is found in satisfying their partner whether an emotional bond is there or not. Satisfaction is found in mutual interests shared together and the comfort of home life with a partner. Sex is not always on their mind. When they do engage in sexual either serves a purpose or is based on a partners need. This is not to say that sag is not sexy..for Sagittarius is very much a taboo lover. They also love sex in unusual places..mostly outdoors under the stars, in a tent, in an elevator. Sex that is not routine is exciting to them and if it is expected from their partner, it will not be as enjoyable to them for the most part. Waking a partner up while they are sleeping is a big turn on as is pornography, sensual movies, and early morning sex.

CAPRICORN- Capricorn loves to learn new things about sex and is a wonderful student. They do like to think that they are highly skilled and emotions do not have to be involved for them to enjoy themselves. Capricorn feels that sex is a duty sometimes and they like having a job to do for their partner if they are in the mood. They are big on oral sex usually and can easily forget their own needs. They also need reassurance and will openly ask their partners if something feels good or if they did a good job. Their ego is important in a sexual relationship. If crushed, they will work harder to appease their partner. Sex will take the back burner to their outside the bedroom duties but they can be passionate lovers if need be. Not above withholding sex or taking their partner for granted.

AQUARIUS- Slow to warm up, trusting their partner is important. They are not overly mushy-gushy or sentimental. The biggest issue for them is finding and making time for sexual pursuits. They do not have an issue making a partner wait for sex in the beginning of a relationship. They take their time and get to know their partners on all level before getting sexually involved. For the most part, they are very faithful and are best one on one. Building a relationship is more important to them than the sexual aspect..they believe this comes with time. They are experimental and enjoy learning about sex on many different levels.

PISCES- Perhaps it is the trait of the last sign of the zodiac but again a connection and relationship is also very important before sex is. They can be passionate lovers and will have more than likely studied sexual positions and romance movies for years before experimenting themselves. Sex is not complete without a close bond with someone. They will enjoy activities with their partners outside the bedroom more than sex but when the mood does strike them..they will allow themselves to succumb to their partners whim. Pisces men especially don’t mind being controlled and told what to do in the bedroom…this is actually a turn on. Woman on top is favored. Praise and ego stroking is important. They like partners to lead them and initiate.