Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tackle a pile Tuesday!

I have been a subscriber to Cindysporch for awhile and I am always inspired by her emails. Today is "Tackle a Pile Tuesday!"

I conveniently found in this in my inbox as I was already cleaning and sorting in my craft room...hahaha which has become a dumping ground for boxes of things I haven't had a chance to go through yet. When I saw the title of the email...I thought OK..I can definitely tackle one pile. My style of cleaning is all over the place. I usually go back and forth and make an exercise game....walk one thing over here, walk back, walk one more thing over there but as I am sure you can imagine, it does get tiring.

We can each tackle ONE pile today even if that pile is freshly laundered clothing out of the dryer. I think one pile is wimping out so personally my goal is to tackle 3 piles today. And might I add that tackling does not mean, moving it to another location or hiding it elsewhere. You go through it, you toss stuff, you organize and you sort. You put things where they belong....if you could do this once a day, you would be ahead of the game.

Let's all take on the day!

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