Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legit Work at Home jobs for real people like us

Everyone has been asking me how I make money working from home outside of my job. This will probably turn into a series of posts but for starters, there are REAL work at home jobs out there if you know where to look. A LEGIT work at home job will never ask for money up front or have you pay to pass a test or anything like that. In my experience, MLM (multi-level marketing jobs such as Avon, sex toys, etc)will not make you tons of money. I am not saying it doesn't happen but it's rare. It's not something to bank all of your income on. Speaking of which, my # 1 rule is NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET! Sure, you could limit yourself and say well I make extra money on Ebay or I work at factory making doughnuts (yummy!)...but any of these things might not pan out or last forever. Hell, look at Ebay. I was selling like crazy on Ebay in it's heyday in the late 90's and early 2000-2003. Now Ebay has become a BUY IT NOW land of flea market new crap and the rules have changed. They have made it harder for sellers and the sales are down. If you put all your eggs in that basket, you'd be screwed. You always have to look for ways to make extra money and use the skills you have. Even if you don't make careers out of work from home jobs...even if you decide to do a texting job for 4 months and make $1000 on the side from it..that's $1000 you didn't have before.

Here are some known places that hire for work-at-home jobs. Some of these places may have gone out of business or might not be hiring right now. This is not a complete list..just a snippet of the places out there. You can look at www.wahm.com and www.workplacelikehome.com for more info on working from home.

Customer service phone work jobs:

Accolade Support www.accoladesupport.com/openings.html
ACD Direct www.ACDdirect.com
BRG Research Services www.brgathome.com/applyhome1.php
Connect2Agent www.Connect2Agent.com
eCallogy www.ecallogy.com (Utah Only!)
Grindstone www.Grindstone.com
JetBlue Airways www.jetblue.com (Utah )
LiveOps www.liveops.com
Niteo Services, Inc. www.niteoservices.com
NTI Central - www.NTICentral.org
O'Currance Teleservices www.ocurrance.com (Utah)
Secure Call Management www.sciathome.com
Service 800 www.service800.com
Sterling Testing Systems www.Sterlingtesting.com
Support Freaks www.supportfreaks.com
Time Communications www.timecommunication.com (St Paul, MN)
Ver-A-Fast Corporation www.Verafast.com
VIPdesk www.Vipdesk.com
VoiceLog www.Voicelog.com
Willow www.Willowcsn.com
West at Home www.Workathomeagents.com
Working Solutions www.Workingsol.com
XAct Telesolutions www.Xactservices.com

Transcription / Coding jobs:

Amphion Medical www.amphionmedical.com
Accurate Typing www.accuratetyping.net
Accuscribe www.accuscribe.net
Axolotl www.axolotl.com
Health Services www.healthsvc.com
Medquist www.medquist.com
Morning Side Partners www.morningsidepartners.com
MTjobs www.mtjobs.com
OSI- Transcription www.ositranscription.com
Rapidtext www.rapidtext.com
RTO stat www.rtostat.com
Spectra Medi www.spectramedi.com
Talk 2 Type www.talk2type.net
Tiger Fish www.tigerfish.com
Transcend Services www.transcendservices.com
Trans Health www.transhealth.com
United Tran www.unitedtran.com

Data Entry: I need to add that there doesnt seem to be many companies that hire for this kind of work. The ones that do are sometimes very difficult to get because it is a very competive field that A LOT of people are applying for. Dont let that discourage you from submitting your application or resume though.

Working Solutions http://www.workingsol.com/home.htm (they do more phone work but also hire for data entry)
Key for Cash http://www.keyforcash.com/?ReturnUrl...pg_signup.aspx
Palm Coast Data http://home.palmcoastd.com/pcd/pcdwe...d_t_index.html (CITY OF PALM COAST FLORIDA ONLY)

On Site Discovery http://www.onss.com/careers/
Cypher Contractors http://www.cyphercontractors.com/
Executive Secretaries http://executivesecretaries.com/careers.htm
Connect Plus LLC http://www.connect-dataplus.com/index.shtml
Axion Data Entry http://www.axiondata.com/
Net Transcripts http://www.nettranscripts.com/

Depending on the state you live in, you can check these out as well.

1-800-Contacts https://jobs.1800contacts.com/careers/index.asp
1-800-Flowers http://ww22.1800flowers.com/template...e8&page=9000#1
Ansafone http://www.ansafone.com/personal.aspx
ARO http://www.callcenteroptions.com/careers.asp
Auralog (Limited States) http://www.auralog.com/us/Customer_S...esentative.htm
Blue Zebra (appointment setting) http://www.bluezebraappointmentsetting.com/Careers.aspx
Catalog Teleservices http://www.catalogteleservices.com/main.html
Channel Blend http://www.channelblend.com:8080/eng...ns_aviable.php
Cloud 10 http://www.cloud10corp.com/
Connect2Agent http://www.connect2agent.com/c2aplus/careers.asp
GE Call Centers http://www.gecallcentercareers.com/
Hire Point TeleTech http://www.hirepoint.com/athome/index.html
InfoCision http://www.infocision.com/Careers/Pa...kFromHome.aspx
Jet Blue (yes the airline) http://www.jetblue.com/about/work/
J. Lodge http://www.jlodge.com/Employment.html
U-Haul http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.asp...23698&%20mode=
XAct TeleSolutions http://www.xactservices.com/company/careers/

Are you good at writing?
Life Tips http://www.lifetips.com/about/careers.html
Helium http://www.helium.com/
Associated Content http://www.associatedcontent.com/
Constant-Content http://www.constant-content.com/area...guidelines.htm


Sunil Sood said...

Excellent site kylie8cake.blogspot.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this... As it's taken me literally 2 hours and 51 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

Tomspry said...

What a great post. I have been looking for ways to sell structured settlement payments and start work from home. I have a house on the beach and would love to just never leave. Thanks so much for all of these great ideas. I think it might actually work for me, they were great tips!

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