Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Treasure in My Garden

Kylie and I watched this fantastic movie that we actually scored from the library. We always seem to find really interesting selections there above and beyond Disney and Pixar movies. This one was called A Treasure in My Garden. We both really enjoyed the cuteness of it and the music was very unique and catchy. She was glued to the tv and even ended up watching it several times. The movie is a series of 13 animated songs and poems by Gilles Vigneault ~ just amazing so I highly recommend it for all ages. Amazon even has the soundtrack for .70 cents!

You can purchase A Treasure In My Garden on or from The Secret Mountain.

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Michael said...

I think I would like to see this! Oh wait, I just did—YouTube is the new book-mobile.

When I first read the title for this post, I thought it was going to be an X-rated entry, but alas, I was not disappointed. For an example of my premature great expectation, see the 7th image result (make sure "safe search" is off!):