Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freecycle Inspiration! ~and my personal opinions on clutter

I am constantly looking for new ways to be inspired and to achieve what I consider tiny fragments of higher purpose. I am sure most of you are well aware of ~what is is, what it does and how it works. I have been freecyling for about 2 years now and have built myself a little empire of inspirational moments. Let me explain why I personally freecycle and please remember that these are my feelings and opinions and they do not have to be yours.

I freecycle to share the wealth with others, I freecycle to give back to my community, I freecycle to clean out my drawers and closets, I freecycle to make connections with other spirits, I freecycle to see a smile on someone's face when they are matched with inspiration, I do it for the karma, I do it for the release and exchange of energy and most of all, I do it for the planet and the kindred people that exist here. I have received tons of wonderful clothes for my daughter, toys, books, food, clothing, movies, cds, etc. I am always careful to throw back out what I don't want or a chain, a continual cycle. I am also careful to give and take, not just request request request. I also see it as a wonderful way to purge and clear space. We can not allow new energies into our homes and lives without having a gateway for them to arrive. Clutter is creates a low energy level in our homes that seeps into our skins. It makes us feel yucky, look yucky and it doesn't allow our home to be the welcoming haven that it should be. Where else besides work do we spend all of our time? And yes, it's mans trash, is another's treasure.

I also feel that by giving things away..whether they are name brand labels, expensive items, or family hand-me downs..we can release these items knowing that in faith, more of these in like kind will be brought back when needed. Example, today I freecycled a wonderful very expensive toy my daughter enjoyed having. We lost a piece to it and couldn't find a replacement. A very kind lady was ecsatic to have it for her grandchildren and said she would figure out a way to fix it. I had no interest in fixing it and I knew we already had too many toys. I know that when it's time, another toy will fall in place. It's a a system of putting out and pulling in. I might not need something now so why waste the space for it because I know in my heart that the next time I need one, it will magically appear. Why not be that magic for someone else?

If you are a member of Freecycle, I urge you to start purging this weekend! If you haven't used it in a year, it's not your favorite thing in the world or it's broken...please pass it on. You never know what someone else might want. Just because you can't fix it, doesn't mean someone else can't. I believe that in spite of people that allow their EGO's to get in the way (i.e. thefts, greediness, fights, lies) that the vast majority of Freecyclers are are out to help each other and save money. Some are in it for the planet, others may share may same feelings about it. Why not help someone else and find inspiration in your own life? If you are new to Freecycle, please visit and read the information and sign up.

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