Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oreo balls

Found this article in my local paper....I am dying to try these....have to get some goodies in before it's back to Atkins. Then I will be scouring for all the good low-carb recipes I can find. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know? Must be under 10 carbs per serving.

Oreo Balls


Michael said...

Ummmm! Don't forget buckeyes! Post that family favorite! I bet chopped peanuts mixed into the buckeye batter would be good... or caramel injected into the middle of the buckeyes too! Unfortunately, I just got rid of all those dirty syringes lying around my coffee table this morning. But don't worry!—I threw them in the recycling bin. Go green y'all!

Anonymous said...

A co-worker made these for Christmas. They were so good! When she told me that she had made them I though she was joking. They look and taste like they came from a gourmet chocolate shop.

Thanks for the recipe! : )