Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poppin' the cherry!

Beginnings are dorky and akward..which is why we tend to webble and wobble at first. I have been putting off this first post for a while now. I think seceretly I was waiting for some divine intervention, a light bulb to go off....a sudden remembrence of how I used to have a passion for writing. Instead I mulled around the ideas and hindrences of what the hell this blog was going to be about! As if! Who says I need a theme...a daily topic...a point! I suppose some days my life alone is pretty darn interesting.

To get the ball rolling, I figured I could start with what this blog is NOT; it's not a pity party, it's not a novel, it's not a cry for help, it's not a love song and it's not for sale.

What kind of blogs do I enjoy looking at: crafty, family dinners and recipe ideas, budget/money-saving, coupons, contests, most importantly...things that inspire and motivate me. I hope that I can find a way to express that to others.

Disclaimer: My sewing sucks, I sing off key, most of my dinners are burned and go in the trash, i set off lots of smoke detectors in my days, money burns a hole in my pocket and I hardly ever win anything.......

guess that leaves me with not too much to write about!

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