Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grandpa Jim's Nachos

This is the easiest entertaining recipe.......a family staple. My dad used to make this when I was younger and now for family get together's we always beg him to make his "special" nachos. Even though it seems so simple, it's the explosion of all the tastes in one bite that makes it Dad makes it...that's the cheesiest part! You can do anything you want with this....add spicy salsa, add chili, add hamburger meat...whatever floats your boat. I like just the regular but then again, I stick with what I know and love best!

All this is consists of :
tortilla chips slathered with heated queso cheese in the jar, diced tomatoes and green onions. I am getting hungry...go away sore throat..go away!

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Michael said...

Ummmm! Sounds de-lish-us! Ryan has a friend named Nacho—apparently it's short for Ignacio. Why don't abbreviated versions of our American names result in semi-ethnic comfort foods?! DAMN!