Friday, February 27, 2009

Date with Crockie!

I have been rocking out in my kitchen the past couple of days and just wanted to share a few things with you~
First of all, I had to do a total overhaul on my microwave. This is the second one I have had since coming to MD. The first one which was great had a slight accident (*ahem*) ~ I used the timer on it for cooking, which I did often, and instead of using the timer, it actually went to COOK and I walked away. About 15-20 mins later when I came back, the inside was fried and it had killed itself. Luckily, there was nothing inside or there would have been a fire for sure!

So anyway, the microwave looked like a murder scene. One too many bowls of Kylie's Chef Boyrdees have seen the inside of it and we are too lazy most of the time to clean it on a regular basis. Point being ~ the stuff was stuck on and clinging for dear life. SOOOOO I took a bowl of water and white vinegar and microwaved to boiling point. When I opened it up, the steam had gotten to the whole thing and all I did was take a damp cloth, wiped it all down and let me tell you ~ that shit came off like buttah!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO. So you can try that at home if your microwave is covered with crime scene tape too :)

I also want to rave and rave and thank god and thank my parents and thank all my sponsers for CROCK POTS!
I have died and gone to crock-pot heaven. Yeah ok so who in their right mind leaves home, moves to their first apartment with their buddies and thinks "gee I better go out and get a crock pot" um NO ONE that's right nobody at least not me. Maybe that's because my mom cooked everything in her oven and I saw a crock-pot once a month when she did "Cowboy Meat." Long story.

My crock pot is the ground my kitchen walks on, it glimmers and shines right next to my George Foreman bad ass family grill. I have no counter space but who cares ~ I have revolutionized cooking! When I come home, my crock pot is waiting for me. I open my door and the smell of simmering sweet goodness fills the room. My I think who has come to my house and cooked me dinner?? I did. Crockie did. We DID it together in a matter of about 5 mins or less on my end.
Roasts, barbecue beans, chicken (whole chickens might I add), desserts, soups, stews, oh god the list could go on and's miraculous and what i love the most is that i take my food right from whatever state is may be in (frozen or not) and toss it in ~ it cooks on its own for 6-10 hours producing the best meal ever that all I have to do is serve for my family. Crock-pot ~ I love you. I have always loved since I first laid eyes on you. I don't have to pick up your dirty socks or clean your smelly lunch box. I don't have to shout out stains on your work shirts or wake up to your bad breath. heck, you don't even take the remote from me. and since they came out with new crock-pot liners for you ~ u are easier than ever to use. you have a setting for high and low. i can turn you off when i want to. you stand proud on my counter and sturdy ~ a rock to attach myself to when times are hard. fuck the coffee maker, we were never a serious thing anyway. you crockie ~ you are the one for me.


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