Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am getting ready to start my low-carb diet again by March so yummy things like this always inspire and motivate me! These are one of my faves and they are so inexpensive to make. You can always just use the store brand cream cheese. These were ones from my Christmas celebration but I wanted to post them to just show you how simple they are. We do NOT...repeat DO NOT have any holiday gathering without cream-cheese filled celery sticks. I am always amazed at how many people have never seen these or eaten these before. When my SO and I started dating, I would take these to his family's house and they were like "hmmmm what is this?" It's one of those things that just makes my jaw drop. Once you taste them~ you are sold on them....hell even if you just lick the cream cheese out and toss the celery sticks..who gives a damn~ just dont' send them flowers in the morning and they will get the point!
If you are making a lot, I suggest pre-mixing the cream cheese. You want the cream cheese to be kinda soft so set it out for a bit before starting. You also want your celery stalks to be clean and dry so start on those first...clean them and set them out to dry for a tad or else your cream cheese will slide right out. As for cutting them, you can make them long or shorter (for smaller hands). Then you want to combine the cream cheese with celery salt and garlic powder and mash it all up really well. Just do it to taste. Then we stuff and we stuff some more....and of course, your's won't look as sloppy as mine but ya get the drift!
I personally have learned the hard way that these do not keep well in the fridge for too long. However this has been a rare occassion that I have any leftover period...but just so ya know, I wouldn't keep them longer than a day or so and make sure they are tightly sealed. Otherwise, they get drippy and droopy and soggy and sad.

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Michael said...

Oh, my friend makes a charming variation of this called "Ants On A Log," adding meticulously placed raisins. I thought this was a unique and old family recipe... until I found it on Kraft Foods dot com. I suppose I COULD have cracked her recipe myself too, but I just didn't bother. See kids—you must always apply yourself!

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