Thursday, September 9, 2010


i write. i don't talk much. I just listen for phrases, words, sounds i can connect with...things that make sense in my head. the world we live in is fucked up, achingly beautiful as it is, and i try to recapture that beauty in words..words that outlive people, civilizations, institutions. words inspire, instigate, spur memories, images, associations, and synapse pulsations. words hurt, soothe, demand, create, teach, entrance, romance, pervert, unite , and divide.

words be powerful........

i started writing as a young girl to survive a spiritually blighted landscape. i obsessively devoted my life to writing after my father left when i was twelve. it was the only way i could stay sane. i learned to give up what i see. i see a lot. i taught myself to believe in words, colors, truth, astrology, and good sex.

oh yea and coffee...

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