Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learning Astrology

I can still remember the day I stumbled upon the astrology section of the library when I was 13 years old and found Linda Goodman's Love signs. AHHH...the glory of it all. Linda Goodman is still my hero and bless her little heart in heaven, she was my first astrological love. Since that moment, I have immersed myself in astrology books..but never really studying deeper than our sun signs. WOW! There was so much confusion even 10 years later as to why some people totally fit their signs and others not so much. I knew there was something hiding beneath layers but I wasn't quire ready to explore it yet. One super fun thing about 2010 has been my reconnection with astrology in a more organic way. Although the charts and some of the terms are still too way over my head right now, I feel that it's all starting to make more sense slowly but surely. I take one aspect and thoroughly investigate it for a month or two. Baby steps is what I feel I am doing. Something I read that struck me the most was ~to learn astrology one must really study the moon and how it affects their own life. I have been doing this since March 2010 with astounding results. I have to admit...even though I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with astrology from the moment we met....I have always believed in a sun sign but was very skeptical of horoscopes and daily/weekly/monthly predictions. I found it to be very generalized and vague. I opted to see for myself by following over 30 different sites daily and making calendar notes. I have utilized Google Calendar which I adore and made notes based on what different horoscopes predicted and then an account of what actually happened. What is great about Google Calendar is that I set it to send alerts to me via my Blackberry so the day before..I will receive reminders about what is to come. So far in my 6 month study, I have narrowed my 30 plus sites down to about 2 or 3 reliable ones and a handful of fun ones which I will share with you shortly. Please note that this has been my experience. To truly connect with an astrologer..I invite you to conduct your own 3 or 6 month study and see what has been true for you. Despite a website looking cheesy or corny or filled with uber amounts of advertising..I gave them all a fair chance. Here are the ones that blown me away and stood the test of reliable (90% accuracy or higher) over the course of the last 6 months.

1. My absolute fave - Susan Miller. Her monthly reports are to die for and by the first of every month I am anticipating savoring her predictions and updating my calendar. She also allows you to read previous months to compare. If I had to pick my fave living astrologer...Susan Miller tickles my fancy.

2. Very corny/junky ad site but shockingly...seems to be true for me almost all the time. HipScopes offers weekly love forecasts and daily text messages that you don't have to subscribe too. I have been shocked as shit about this site but keep coming back to it because week after has been true. I rely more on the weeklies than the dailies. Fun site overall.

3. AstroStyle ~ another suprising one. The website is a lil too purty for me and romantically sickly with all the uber girly pictures but I like their monthly updates. The dailies are touch and go so take those with a grain of salt. I actually was totally siked to read the Astro Twins book when it came out but was not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. Maybe I should give it another shot. Add to bucket list....

4. Jan Spiller ~ always seems to compare well with Susan Miller (hmm something fishy here LOL) but beautifully written as well. Again, no luck with dailies but the monthly is very informative and generally true.

5. Chrissie Blaze ~ another good astrologer. Short monthly horoscopes but good.

6. Kim Allen ~ very impressive monthly predictions!

I am sure there are some I am forgetting but these are my faves that I visit often. Again please start your own tracking and see what you discover. It's important to mark dates that there are major planetary changes....Can you see these planets affecting your life? My answer has been yes and it totally blows my mind.

I look forward to doing some more posts to share astrology information with you. I am a work in progress with it but I would love to learn right along with you. If you have any suggestions of sites that are always true for me and I will test them out for several months.


Michelle said...

When you begin to want to get beyond horoscopes, check out some of the astrology blogs on Top 25 Astrology blogs: and the Top 50 on Good luck in your studies :D

kylie8cake said...

Thanks so much Michelle! I will look into these.

Carolyn said...

Have you checked this one his book, alittle too out there but good

guettel78 said...

Thanks for the helpful primer and list of resources -- they're definitely extremely useful for a newbie like me who's looking to learn more about astrology, both its history and fundamentals.