Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back again!

It's been a long time since I posted and I apologize! I've had a series of events that sorta just stopped all creativity for awhile. I ended my 8 year long relationship (which was long overdue), I left a very respectable job in search of finding myself, and I spent one too many evenings staring at the emptiness I felt was my life and trying to decide which move to make next. But alas!- I am back and want to start writing again. When I originally started this blog almost 2 years ago, I had fantasies of it being about reviews and giveaways (hence the spiffy heading). However, what I have learned about myself is that I should never corner myself or carve too deep of a niche that traps me..cuz inevitably I will break free with wild abandon. I am ever-changing and evolving. I want this blog to be about ME and not in the vain sorta-way but about things that I like. I like reviewing things and giving my opinion but not because someone paid me to. I have taken on several new interests this year which just goes to show WHY I should not limit myself as a mommy blogger or a spend-thrift kinda person. I am much more rounded than that. I no longer spend my days as a housewife researching the most environmentally conscious products online for my child. I don't get to make 3 course meals for a family each night. My life as I knew it turned upside now and I get to go back to where I need to be....back to ME!

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