Friday, September 10, 2010

Venus and Mars in Scorpio Sept 2010 - Jan 2011

Venus is in Scorpio from Sep 8 2010 to January 7 2010. WOO-HOO! Nevermind the fact that it will retrograde in Oct..that's a whole 'nother bag of worms (and another blog post). Anything in Scorpio excites me to no end...why why why...cuz Scorpio is my blood. Venus conjures up love, attraction, magnetism, and centers herself on relationships. Relationships+Scorpio---shiiitttt I should know all about's the driving force of my whole being. So if we look at people who were born with Venus in Scorpio...we find a soul who is highly intense, dramatic, determined, and romantic. They can be passionate to the point of obsession...smothering their coveted object of desire with sooo much attention that they can scare them off. However the interesting least what I have that once the Scorpio backs off and puts her stinger between her legs...the once coveted object sorely misses the intense love and attention they once received (usually folks..unless there were restraining orders involved). Scorpio is also the natural born detective and master of secrets. However, Scorpios are driven to succeed, highly intelligent, very spiritual, and devoted. The flip side to Scorpio is the jealously, possessiveness, secretive demeanor, and interrogating suspiscions. I think what we will see coming out of Venus in Scorpio ESPECIALLY with Mars entering Scorpio shortly thereafter on Sept an explosion of white hot HEAT...smoldering and burning everything in its path..sometimes leaving scars..other times creating emptiness to rebuild upon. The relationships in our lives will change...our feelings toward and in our relationships will evolve perhaps almost by flipping a switch. We could turn into the lower evolution of Scorpio serpents and become overly jealous and obsessive towards our partners..with little to no reasoning OR we could decide to rendezvous in some down and dirty Scorpio waters of devilish sex, affairs, secret hoarding and craziness. Haven't you read the astrology websites warning you that SECRETS will be exposed over the next couple of months?? Shame on you! LOL Now now...I don't want to sound all pessimistic because Scorpio has some beautiful tantalizing spiritual aspects to it. The best part is that OUR RELATIONSHIPS will become more EMOTIONAL. We will break through barriers, tear down walls, and come hell or high spewing out to others as well as being on the receiving end of emotional depth. I think people's emotions will change...they will either set their eye on someone and be driven by an unknown force to capture their heart (even if they only saw you as a friend or passed you by before without a second glance) or...perhaps they will look at an old relationship and finally be compelled to release it forever. For Scorpio's are all or's either black and white...but never ever ever ever gray. My advice would be to use Scorpio's power in your relationships to reevaluate, open up, become vulnerable, and reconnect. Now would be a great time to try some kinky sex with your partner, burn those pictures and letters from an old boyfriend/girlfriend still pulling on your heartstrings, go out on the town and feel the magnetic Scorpion pull, cease old relationships/friendships that no longer serve a purpose, or work up the Scorpio "ain't afraid of nothing" dare devil balls to make the first move. Venus and Mars floating around in Scorpionic ecstasy will be a give and take, a masculine and feminine....take it as a time to create, destroy, revel in, and Scorpio's do best...a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Anonymous said...

Note: Venus in Aries people are very similarly driven, and sometimes act like Venus in Scorpio people... so despite the long-lived quincunx by transit, I too am looking forward to the months between now and January!

kylie8cake said...

Definitely true!!!! I have sun in scorpio and moon in lordy...what a scary combo! LOL. Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

I have a question and I need a correct answer to this. I need help, my girlfriend left me all of a sudden she lost feelings for me. And that was when Jupiter and Uranus went into her star sign, I think, and she is a Pisces, we were together for 3 years she said she would never live without me, I was shocked when she left me suddenly, and now Venus retrograde my star sign Scorpio. so I wonder if it is only in my star sign Until january 2011? or more? and will she ever get back to me:'(?