Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I love winning days :) It's so much fun reading all of the posts and watching picking the winner. The best part is sending out the YOU WON email! We have tentaive winners for the contests that ended last night. They have already been notified.

Rock n' Rags Giveaway ~ MAC MOM
Lush bath bomb and angel delight giveaway ~ AngelaH

Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered...I love the comments, suggestions and anecdotes. You guys are awesome! There will be more contests coming so please stay tuned.

There are 2 days left to enter my 15 Min Low Carb Giveaway!

Also, my other current running giveaway can be located here! It's a crazy kooky chance to win a huge lot of Low Carb items :)
Don't forget the additional methods of entry! Almost all of my contest winners have won from additional posts of either following, subscribing or tweeting about the contest. These give you a one-up on winning!

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