Friday, April 3, 2009

My very small Aldi complaint list

So far I have been just amazed with the prices and the quality of the items from my weekly Aldi trips. Occasionally I will go to Martin's or Weis just to grab a few quick things since they are closer for me. When I do, I get so mad at myself for not planning my meals well enough. I go in these "other" stores and I am just astounded by the prices. One small plastic bag of groceries and some drinks can cost me $30!!!!! I try to use coupons when I go but most of the items I don't have coupons for OR I do and it still doesn't make a difference.

My last trip to Weis ~ the girl said, "Thank you! You saved 99 cents today." Damn, I wasn't sure if I should do cart wheels or hug her! I mean...really 99 cents...holy shit! I even asked her to repeat the figure cuz I wasn't really sure I was comprehending the incredible savings...."99 cents" she repeated. Woo-hoo!

What's even better than that was the trip PRIOR to that one...the one where I waited in the customer service line for 15 mins to get my super special one of a kind club cards. Ya know, the one that gives me just orgasmic savings....the one that if I don't have, causes a massive mayday at the check out counter..sends everyone scurrying for a club the point of even asking the person behind me in line if the cashier can use theirs just so I can save 99 cents~! My time waiting for you find the card isn't even worth 99 cents my friend....

So I finally check out and the cashier tells me..."thanks for shopping at weis. you saved 2 cents today." Like why even bother telling me this?? you should have a holding you can't tell someone they saved unless they saved over $5. this DOES not make me want to be a Weis shopper. I am convinced they make money solely on people going OH crap..I forget something for dinner or potluck emergencies. not to mention, this store is open 24 hours so I am sure they get a lot of condom sales and whip-it cans flying off the shelves. I dunno who in their right mind would make a conscious decision to shop there. And this is just my personal opinion...I hope I don't offend anyone.

Back to Aldi's......I have really pleased for the most part. I have not had anything spoiled or anything like. I have just made a few purchases that didn't agree with my family's taste buds. Here is that list ~

Lumberjack smoked sausage ~ I was prompted to buy this from a very nice man with a whole row of gold teeth. he said he drove all the way from across town to buy this ONE thing. I think it was a combination of being blinded by his bling-bling and agreeing to buy for fear he would try to engage any further convo, but I politely said " oh sounds great..we will try them. thanks!" Us scorpio's are never blatently rude...only in our minds lol. These things are HUGE and I am sure to any single girl, they might conjure up nice "sausage" images but they weren't as tasty as I hoped they would be. Then again, I am no smoked sausage conniesour.

Kirkwood Teriakyi Chicken ~ My daughter and I made this meal together. In essence, all you do is microwave or heat up this frozen mix of chicken and this sauce however it was so much more than that. I made rice to go with it and some veggies...the front of the box looked sooo good. I heated it up in the microwave which was no biggie however what emerged looked NOTHING like the box. Even Ky said "uh mom, where's the chicken?" There were about 2 pieces of chicken in the whole thing and a strange thick sauce that was way darker than in the pics. It didn't even taste like teriakyi to them. Wasn't bad enough to return but we decided we wouldn't purchase it again.

Canned mushrooms ~ there were a no-go...take it from someone who knows canned mushrooms...not good at all.

I am halfway torn on their pre-made wings..we have the BBQ and the Buffalo...they are OK but probably not a fave of ours.

FAVE things thus far that I will continue to buy ~

butter, milk, eggs, cheese, sour cream, garlic, onions...basic staple items
granger beef crumble bag ~ we get about 3 meals out of one bag
kids snacks like fruit roll-ups, cookies
the frozen pb&j loves these
frozen veggies esp the green beans
we also like the line of fit (low-fat items) they carry

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Anonymous said...

Lumberjack sausage is's a lightly smoked version of a polish sausage, but in a natural casing. Place one in a hotdog bun, with some dill relish and habanero mustard....yum!