Monday, November 15, 2010

Contests and Future Articles

Contests and Future Articles

Thanks to some amazing comments and to everyone who took the time to enter my contests….we have 2 winners and some very insightful article ideas. I had a blast reading all the requests you all put in and I love that you guys have been enjoying my articles that have already been printed on the blog. The winners have been contacted and I am in the process of attempting to respond to everyone’s requests for things they would like to see. Here are some of the topics I will be covering over the next couple of months on the website-

The History of Astrology

Born on the cusp- Which sign to read

Pet Astrology

Medical Astrology

Horoscopes in magazines/newspapers

Famous Astrologers

Dating guides for men and women based on sun signs

Compatibility of all signs

The Moon and each planets

Chiron- Why I don’t use it

A Celebrity week – covering different celebrities and their signs

We will also delve into a few question & answer forums and continue to research some good AND bad astrology sites on the web. I will also touch base with a few of you that have emailed me asking chart questions. At this time, I am not doing charts for the public. I have studied sun signs and have no problem giving you some general information on sun sign compatibility. To really take a better look at compatibility, charts need to be done which takes time. Perhaps in the future, I will offer chart reading services but for now, I am enjoying writing the articles.

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