Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Astrology Book Reviews

I decided to do some astrology book reviews here on my blog. Please note that these are just my opinions and feelings and should in no way inhibit you from getting the book and coming to your own conclusions. We are all at different learning levels and understand things in different manners. Consider this when reading any review that is astrology related or not. Depending on where you are in your pace of learning, something might be too advanced for you at the moment or be old news.

I am doing book reviews (not all astrology related) over at my other blog- Library-fi-cation. I have embarked on a journey of reading the books in my local library in order… starting from the lower end of the Dewey Decimal System spectrum. I am reading the books…whether I would have chosen them myself or not..and then reviewing them on my blog. If you haven’t done so already, please check it out, follow me, and subscribe to my newsletter. I will also be running some contests over at that blog in a few weeks. Not only I am doing the blog to educate myself but I hope to inspire people to read and want to submerse themselves in their own reading journeys. Maybe you will be fueled into your own reading journal or blog. To learn has been my main drive in life…whether it has been to learn a Thai recipe or how to work a computer program…and reading is the method I do this in.

K.I.S.S Guide to Astrology (Keep It Simple Series) by Julia and Derek Parker

For beginners, this is a great book that provided a lot of facts, tidbits, and easy to read explanations of the sun signs and houses. I especially enjoyed the history of astrology. However, if this is the first time you are doing your own chart, I would pass on that section unless you are going to use it as a guide in conjunction with another resource. Even I found the chart section to be confusing and the tables in the back are poorly marked. As with most books in the Keep It Simple Series…I love the layout of the information and the cute little reminders and chapter reviews. This is a wonderful book to read for beginners and I highly recommend it for that purpose. If you are going to pursue the chart in the end, I would try another book or online method to start with. Also I would recommend doing your chart for free on the many websites that are available online…then comparing that to the chart you do on your own. More often than not, there are many mistakes made in charting by hand but I can appreciate the effort of doing this…sort of like baking a cake from scratch as opposed to a box cake…but in the end, it can be very time consuming and there is a high margin of error. You can still make your own conclusions and use your own intuition with free online charts as well.

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