Monday, October 18, 2010

Sex in the Zodiac


  • ARIES- Ready, Fire and Aim…Aries are always ready for a romp in the hay. Passionate..possible. Eager..definitely. They are like children whose eyes are wide open at the possible suggestion of sex however they enjoy the chase. They are imaginative and playful but serious about completing their task. They enjoy people to seduce them. They like the build up and anticipation of sex. They can talk for hours on end as an ongoing prelude to sex. They can talk for hours after sex. Aries are childlike and enjoy the pleasures of body as much as animals enjoy each other and their animalistic nature…unfettered and pure. Aries is forceful with themselves and when they want something, they want it. They will stop at nothing until they get it. This includes the object of their desire. This can be overbearing for some people to the point of driving them away. Commonly found in sexual relationships with Aries is a feeling of conquering another…once conquered, the original object of desire is seen without the rose colored lens and Aries finds another pursuit.

TAURUS- As bullheaded as they might appear and slow to pick up on signals from the opposite sex…Taurus has an almost insatiable appetite for getting off. Looking for almost daily sex that never gets old? Taurus is your match. Taurus is very sensual and is never opposed to touching after sex or giving/receiving back rubs. They are very touch-feely and in love with the human form. Although they are not the most creative lovemakers, they will offer themselves regularly for satisfaction. Being creatures of habit, they will almost never tire of the basic sex positions and enjoy getting their counterpart off as much as themselves. They do not object to trying new things but more often than not, they stick to what they know and expect their partner to be satisfied every time. Even into older age, Taurus can still be found to have much vigor and can easily detach emotions from sex..not in the sense of relationship emotions but they rarely withhold sex when stress and other factors play a large part of their lives. Sex is actually a stress reliever for them. If sex is not readily available, they are not too unabashed to pleasure themselves.

GEMINI- When in a committed relationship, Gemini will definitely experiment with taboo sex. They are generally very good kissers but will withhold eye contact and become lost in their own world. Not emotional lovemakers but will enjoy playful banter and intellectual stimulation. Gemini likes to boss their partner around in a sexual way and control their sexual pursuits. They are not generally the type to snuggle or engage in a lot of afterplay. Gemini is usually more concerned with their own pleasure than that of their partners. They can have a great need for sex in their relationships but if sex is withheld, they will seek it elsewhere. Even if having an affair or several sex partners, they will never let the person at the receiving end of their lovemaking know this or feel it. Although self-pleasurers of a normal stance, they would much rather hold out for the real thing if its available at some point. They are not above using guilt to make their partner feel that they are not sexually satisfied. If sex is not up to their standards they will make other parts of the relationship start to diminish as well.

CANCER- Dubbed as the romantics of the zodiac…they take lovemaking seriously. They also enjoy the whole wining and dining aspect..anything with a little romance to spark their fire. They are partial to first times, first kisses, and taking lovemaking slowly. They are usually never into hardcore sex or anything taboo. They prefer traditional sex and even the men, will love to be held afterwards and engage in some afterglow pillow talk. Unless an aspect is afflicted, they can be perfectly fine with sex with one partner but when they feel unloved and the romance has left their current relationship, they will seek out avenues to feel pleasure. They are sensitive so any blow to their ego, stress, or other outside factors will make them withhold sex until they are feeling more up to par. They enjoy looking into their partners eyes, kama sutra, and lovemaking sessions that can last all night.

LEO- Unless deeply commited, Leo will have many partners if they have decided a relationship is not for them. Sex is sex to them and when you are under their lion or lioness ways, they will make you feel as if you are the only one. They love talking dirty during sex and will often fall asleep, wake up and want more. However outside of the bedroom they can make you feel very lonely and beneath their spotlight. Some leos find sex at the bottom of their list and will control when they give it to a partner…just one more thing they can hold over you. They are also very modest and will not divulge to you how many other partners or who else there may be. They do enjoy getting their partners off so mutual enjoyment is exciting for them. Leo men are big on sex and some will have many partners, oftentimes several at a time.

VIRGO- For as modest as Virgos are made out to be, they can be extremely passionate and intense. They love self-pleasuring during sex and enjoy numerous positions. However pickiness and order still run true for them. The time, place, and environment has to be right. They enjoy being the ones to make the first move so let them. If you push them too fast into sex, they will be turned off. Passion does not always equal love for them. They will withhold emotions for fear of entrapment and they will be afraid to admit these emotions even to themselves. Torrid affairs, multiple partners at one time, and casual sex are not usually their forte. If they have invited you into their bedroom, you have earned their respect and trust. Virgos enjoy legs up, watching themselves, and lots of foreplay.

LIBRA- Sex is playful and fun. Laughing during the middle of sex..definitely not unheard of for Libra. Libras also enjoy watching pornography during sex and replaying this with their partner while laughing at how silly some of the moves are. They are not highly sexual creatures of the zodiac but who doesn’t enjoy sexual pleasure once in a while? They enjoy sex that is on a friendship level within a commitment. It is rare to see libra out gallivanting with hundreds of sex partners..if so..they must have other sexier aspects in their charts. Sex can be very routine for them but also romantic. Libra is also very big on flowers, jewelry, and fancy dinners…this is a pre-sex turn on for them. They enjoy sex in luxurious places and hotel rooms. They know what they like and will gladly share this with their partners.

SCORPIO- Sex with Scorpio is almost a religious experience. It has a presence of being deeper than just sex. They do have an insatiable drive for pleasure which makes them the Zodiac sex star right along with Taurus. If they are denied sex they can start to doubt the relationship and their partners desire for them. The chase is a turn on for scorpios as is sex in the dark, candelight, and sensual massage. To them sex is all encompassing and can easily make or break a relationship. They are into taboo sex and will try almost anything once. They are big on cutting to the chase, whispering, and sex that is beyond romantic..almost reaching a spiritual plane. If an eye connection is not made with them, they will reach into their memories for a scene to play out thus disconnecting them from their partner. Often times they will come away feeling sexually pleased but not emotionally charged.

SAGITTARIUS- There is sex and then there is sex for them…not much difference between the two of them but they will deny this. Usually emotionally devoid, to them pleasure is found in satisfying their partner whether an emotional bond is there or not. Satisfaction is found in mutual interests shared together and the comfort of home life with a partner. Sex is not always on their mind. When they do engage in sexual either serves a purpose or is based on a partners need. This is not to say that sag is not sexy..for Sagittarius is very much a taboo lover. They also love sex in unusual places..mostly outdoors under the stars, in a tent, in an elevator. Sex that is not routine is exciting to them and if it is expected from their partner, it will not be as enjoyable to them for the most part. Waking a partner up while they are sleeping is a big turn on as is pornography, sensual movies, and early morning sex.

CAPRICORN- Capricorn loves to learn new things about sex and is a wonderful student. They do like to think that they are highly skilled and emotions do not have to be involved for them to enjoy themselves. Capricorn feels that sex is a duty sometimes and they like having a job to do for their partner if they are in the mood. They are big on oral sex usually and can easily forget their own needs. They also need reassurance and will openly ask their partners if something feels good or if they did a good job. Their ego is important in a sexual relationship. If crushed, they will work harder to appease their partner. Sex will take the back burner to their outside the bedroom duties but they can be passionate lovers if need be. Not above withholding sex or taking their partner for granted.

AQUARIUS- Slow to warm up, trusting their partner is important. They are not overly mushy-gushy or sentimental. The biggest issue for them is finding and making time for sexual pursuits. They do not have an issue making a partner wait for sex in the beginning of a relationship. They take their time and get to know their partners on all level before getting sexually involved. For the most part, they are very faithful and are best one on one. Building a relationship is more important to them than the sexual aspect..they believe this comes with time. They are experimental and enjoy learning about sex on many different levels.

PISCES- Perhaps it is the trait of the last sign of the zodiac but again a connection and relationship is also very important before sex is. They can be passionate lovers and will have more than likely studied sexual positions and romance movies for years before experimenting themselves. Sex is not complete without a close bond with someone. They will enjoy activities with their partners outside the bedroom more than sex but when the mood does strike them..they will allow themselves to succumb to their partners whim. Pisces men especially don’t mind being controlled and told what to do in the bedroom…this is actually a turn on. Woman on top is favored. Praise and ego stroking is important. They like partners to lead them and initiate.

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